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4 incredible tips for Fiverr New Sellers to get orders frequently

1- Optimizing Gigs to Boost Sales

Optimizing your Gigs is something that’s a little bit difficult. You need to optimize Gigs in a way that they explain the buyer’s requirements more than your services.

I never optimized my Gig description more than just describing my services to perfection. I use tags from time to time but not a lot. Also, I find it wastes a lot of time to be constantly changing the text and the reality is that Fiverr traffic to the site fluctuates dramatically from month to month so it is difficult to gauge your success. Furthermore, Fiverr search results have become personalized, like Google, so that your searches will affect your future search results.

2- Look Professional

If you are a writer and you have focused on trying to make your gig description optimized then it is possible that it reads badly. That reflects badly on your ability to write. What makes buyers buy your gig if what they see is a horrible description with the highlighter, bold text, and repeated phrases? They will never order your service with a description like that! That’s why I keep focusing on making my gigs look professional, descriptive and informative. And obviously, focus on optimization by the other methods mentioned above.

3- Communication with buyers and sellers

  • Make sure you answer each buyer who contacts you.
  • Please respond as quickly as you can to each buyer who sends you a message.
  • When receiving an order, we recommend communicating with your buyer to acknowledge you understand their needs.
  • Answer politely and in a respectful manner.
  • Communicate in the languages you defined when setting up your seller profile.
  • Keep all communications within Fiverr. This is the only way Fiverr can protect you and your rights.
  • Do not provide your personal information, such as your email, or use any other communication tools.
  • Fiverr encourages you to provide your buyers with “custom offers”, which will cater to the buyer’s specific needs.
  • Do not attempt any credit card fraud, launder money, attempt to drive traffic to other sites or market unrelated products, abuse our referrals system, or make false claims against other members of the community.

4- Buyers Request

So you are Fiverr New Seller, created a few gigs but getting no sales. You checked out forums and other articles and came to know about the fiverr buyer request feature. They all are highly recommending you to make use of this gold mines. But you have almost no idea of how to write an effective proposal and get some orders through buyer request section, right?

Well, it’s is true that BR (buyer request) is a gold mine where you can find your first clients. But the problem is thousands of other sellers are also using it to get sales. And to compete them, you have to write an effective BR proposal that hooks the immediate attention of your prospective buyer.


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While quite common sense and extremely clickbaity (nothing incredible about those tips, or any guarantee they’ll get anyone frequent orders), at least they’re not the usual BS tips that keep getting posted again and again, so kudos for that, I guess…

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