4 MAGIC TIPS each seller should know


Hello here,

I would like to share my 3 years experience in mini marketplaces as fiverr and others. Everyone has own Magic tips that use to be original. I decided to reveal what I do to be different than 95% of sellers. If you have any secret tips you do, share it here to teach other. I am convinced that the law says you give you get.

Magic Tip 1: Most of sellers sell their service as product. But they forget to state reason why the buyer should buy it. Don´t sell only product, sell reason. In practice: If you sell facebook likes don´t write into description only what you offer (2000 facebook likes) but let them know some know how or reason. I noticed that nobody use this powerful strategy.

Magic Tip 2: Use “SWEET SPOT”. That´s first what people see, that´s something where you can be original against other sellers. That´s first 5 words in description. For example: 24hrs service or 2013 special or Fast Service. The key is to be different than other. Most of sellers use I will… BE DIFFERENT, LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT YOUR GIG IS SPECIAL.

Magic Tip 3: Be as fast as possible, people like fast service. It means if you have written 1 day, you have to be done in 12 hrs. Be as fast as possible and you will get many positive reviews.

Magic Tip 4: BONUS - If you offer for example 2000 facebook likes, give people bonus +500 likes more. People like presents, bonuses = they are satisfied = positive review.

CERTAINLY, everyone has own MAGIC TIPS, this discussion should be for sharing this MAGIC TIPS.

Steve Brown

Traffic provider.


thanks steve.


I am new here. Still i am learning. Thank you so much for these nice tips.

I have a question to you. Outside fiverr i am providing service for <50k alexa rank just for $200-$400 depending on current rank. How i can offer this service here? Because, I have to make it just for $5 in fiverr.


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Thank you.


Very good tips Steve!


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Sir, I can think of, you can offer a little of what you can do, just a “taste”. Or find any other way. I spent a lot of time thinking about successful sellers, how they can offer so much for so small price. After, I found way. Don´t give and good luck!


Reply to @madmoo: Hello madmoo, I have sold what I say on other marketplace, there I learned a lot of, and on fiverr I have been selling 2 years ago and I have sold I think approx 20-25 gigs, that´s was my beginning. This account I have not already. Now I am back with new experiences.

Thank you for review of magic tips and your contribution.


Reply to @madmoo: Sure Madmoo, I know about :-). My goal is to give sellers what I learned, nothing more.


Good tips. Keep it going man.


Reply to @craigscott: Thank you :-).