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4 $ missed

Hi, just yesterday I had 4 $ in my balance. No there’s 0 $ in my balance. What does this mean? Have someone bothered and exhausted himself to steal 4 $. What’s wrong?

Revenues keeps your cash balance(11 days) and you can withdraw after that period .
Have a great day !

If you honestly think someone hacked your account, you probably gave away your password to a phisher. Change your Fiverr password and be thankful it was only $4. That sounds odd, though, so if it’s not actually a hack, perhaps you spent the money on a gig. I’ve seen you post about buying as well. You can always contact Customer Support if you need more help than that.

Thanks, I think what Catalindinca said. It would be stupid to Hack for 4 $ but that would have been a warning.