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4 month no order1

no order 4 month running


Hi there!

You need to look at your competitors and find out what you can offer more to your future clients.
Also SEO, hashtags and copy-writing are the way forward

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You are in a really saturated market. When I search for tshirt designs, I get 3,644 results. Searching for tshirt design gets 22,585 results. That’s a lot of competition!

Do you advertise anywhere? If not, you should probably think about doing so. You can also have a look at the top results in your categories to see what others are offering and try to offer comparable services. You also want to make sure your keywords are awesome, and that your gig titles and description are as tight as they can be. If you don’t have videos on all your gigs, consider making some.

Just a few suggestions. Always, always be on the lookout for ways to improve. And good luck!


Don’t worry. Working over the internet is all about sticking to your faith. Have your skills intact with the upgraded market trends. Make your gigs more composed, try “Buyer Requests”, and wait for your turn. Good things will come to you. :+1:


share you gig link in social media. and markting more and more

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Getting your work out in another way such as through social media can also promote your reach.

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thanks for suggetions

thanks for your advices

Visibility, Reviews, Listing Copy, Images, Your Offer. All of those factors count towards your success here on fiverr. Check you competitor’s offers and compare it with yours. How are they different? do they have more reviews? are they on page 1 and you’re not for the main keyword? how are your images and copywriting? When you answer all of that you will have your answer to why you are not getting orders. Hope this helps …


Stay Online And, Share Your Gig link In Social Media

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