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4 months into Fiverr and no orders on my translation gig

Good evening. I have been lurking in Fiverr’s forums for some months now in hopes of improving my translation gig. I have over 70 impressions and 2 clicks, but no orders. I always try to pay attention to the buyer’s requests tab and that’s how I was able to get my first order in a researching gig, although I’ve been getting nothing but 3 to 4 impressions daily on the translation gig. I read that you’ll need to be patient, share your gig and analyze the competition and wait 1-2 months for your first order, but that hasn’t been the case. I have done all of that and still nothing. The translation job was the first gig I created and the research one was made much later. Any tips for improving the chances of getting an order?


I could be wrong but I’d say using the insignia of a German WW2 infantry division (Nazis for short) as a profile picture would be off-putting for many.


Yeah, you are certainly right, thanks for the advice.

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