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4 of my Gigs De-ranked

Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing good.

I am level 1 seller, 4 of my gigs were ranked on different specific keywords but in the last week all 4 gigs suddenly disappear from first pages, Impression, clicks, views become decreases. I don’t understand what’s going on!

I do not change the title, gig images, tags, and not even the gig description. But I was log out for 2-3 days.

So what do you people think? The problem happens because I was logout?

Looking forward to your’s valuable suggestions, Thanks :slight_smile:


Same happened to me. 3000 imperssions on one gig dropped to 30 over the course of a month.

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Ohh, Same here!
3.2k impression of one of my gig dropped to 200.

Same for me from 10k to 7k over the course of month

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This is normal, Don’t worry about this.

Hmm, If this happens with everyone then may be this is not our fault.