4 of my gigs were denied after 5 years in existence


I joined Fiverr way back in 2011 and since then moved on to Level 2 seller. I have expertise in Maths and English and help people in these subjects. 4 of my gigs related to Maths, English, GMAT help have been removed after 5 years of my stay at Fiverr. One of these gigs was the HIGHEST performing gig on Fiverr in Math category with more than 630 reviews and 1000s of orders. All these years I was allowed to keep these gigs and now suddenly all of them have been removed without any prior notice. Why was a Level 2 seller treated in this manner? They have almost stopped my entire business on Fiverr. I have earned around $30,000 on Fiverr and in turn have made a lot of revenue for Fiverr as well. I have never crossed the limits and have never invited any buyer to pay me directly via other modes. I have stuck to Fiverr’s ToC but I didn’t expect to be treated like this.

My second concern is that when I still search for “Math” on Fiverr, I see that there are more than 1000 other gigs that perform and do the same activity that my gig did. Why are they still allowed to be on the platform and why only my gig was removed? It’s not just Math, even if I write “Assignment”, there are a lot of gigs that offer help on assignments and some of them EXPLICITLY mention that they will do the entire assignments. Why are they not getting banned?


I’m sorry this happened to you! I’ve been reading on this forum that gigs that help with homework assignments are no longer allowed and are being removed. Probably the others will be removed soon too.
I know how painful this is for you. You have my sympathy.


This is so heart breaking. Sorry to know that. But Fiverr is no more allowing Homework gigs. You can contact them and ask them to get it back and tell them that you will do changes to it so that it won’t break their RULES or TOS.


Helping is what Fiverr’s existence lies on. When I help you that means that I’ve done some/whole part of your work. That could be assignments or your work related projects. At least Fiverr should give sellers a chance to modify the gigs so that they don’t break the rules. But here they are directly removed without any chance to do much. All your hard work in creating a reputation is vanished in a second. You become helpless.


Sorry to hear that.
Fiverr did send a message to everybody (at least I’ve got it) regarding the new ToS, that was a few months ago. It was also about the new “system” to show our Gigs on the search engine and so on…
Most people didn’t read it at all and then came here asking why their Gigs are not being displayed or have been removed.
If we care about our business here, we should do at least the minimum to understand where we’re standing, and that means not just to delete the messages from Fiverr without reading and uderstanding them.
I am not saying this is your case, but it’s also hard to believe that Fiverr will just close your Gigs without any warning, after all, they want to make money with your work too… if it fits the ToS.


Agree that I might have missed that ToS email because we all are active on so many platforms and it might be difficult to keep a track. But what I feel is if they really have to deny a gig, at least give some time to modify. We’ve taken years to build a reputation and it’s not easy to let it go off with just a change in the rule. It’s not a natural calamity that comes without any prior information. Give us time and we will abide by the rules because we have to work on your platform.


I absolutely understand you, I am working here almost from the same time you also started. I know how hard it is to get to certain levels and get a certain amount of customers.
In that Email they were giving (if I remember well) 60 days to improve and control your Gigs, ad fix them accordingly to the new ToS. I did that, even when the new rules were mostly regarded to writing Gigs and not really directly related to my category… but sure is sure, so I took a look at my Gigs anyway.
I’ve seen few ex- Top Rated sellers and/or Level 2 sellers coming here to say what you just said now. I believe some sellers in higher positions got a little “comfy” and didn’t really take seriously the new ToS.
We all work in a platform where a small change in the rules can result in your entire business to collapse… it’s always good to spend those 5 minutes to read the ToS carefully.


Sorry mate.
I had a similar experience in the past, but managed to get back up.
You can too.


Its tragic. I hope you will be allowed to resume your services.


How did you get them up and running again?


Only one of my gigs was affected.

After CS told me there was nothing they could do about restoring it, I just had to make another gig from scratch, then inform some of my repeat clients who helped me get the gig up and running with some reviews.

I guess if you have a reasonable number of clients who already trust you and value your services, getting back up and running again wouldn’t be so hard. Getting new clients will be harder though - at least it was for me.

All the best.


What happen to my ratings and money I earned a gig which was denied. Can anyone help me please?


You’ll need to ask Customer Support. Was it an essay writing one by any chance? If it was, you’ve got another one up now, and you’ll be in danger of having that one denied too.

Essays and Fiverr don’t go together these days. :wink:


Thank you!.You are right. My other gig also denied. It was about Essay writing, what will be the best way to make a essay writing gig ?


Apparently they don’t allow that type of gig now.


Sad to hear. Better to go without “ESSAY” tag.