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4 Of Your Gigs Are Removed
4 Of my Gigs Are Removed for copywrite i am sure i didn’t copy non of my information i have send massage to fiverr support i am waiting for there answer i am wondering do i get my gigs back once they review it again or not

Just clicked your link and it appears that gig has also been removed.

On the off chance that Fiverr removed your gigs due to a mistake/misunderstanding on their end, they would reinstate them. Otherwise, they probably won’t. :frowning_face:

Yes 4 of them are removed do i get them back once they review them again i am sure i didn’t copy write anything

i asked cs to review my gigs and the review and removed him today,
the asked that you copy the description from other gigs.
i didn’t copy from other gigs i just got ideas from other sellers.

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