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4 Orders Cancelled after a month

HI Forum Members

I have been a seller here since 2016. This is the first time that happens to me. There was a buyer and we completed 6 orders together. He completed all orders with 5 stars and for some even with tips. A few days ago I got notifications for 4 orders are canceled. I wrote to CS but no reply yet. A week ago this buyer came complaining that the display image I gave him for his store is not accepting. I fixed it and sent it to him. Then he sent a few messages about not accepting it then blocked me. I have no idea why

The thing is now I see all the graphics I gave him are in his store. I complained to the customer support of that store but no action was taken yet.

I am really disappointed about this situation. Can this be happening? 2 orders are older than 2 months

Any advice for me?

Thank you


keep patience . success will come soon inshaallah.

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Stop saying the same thing in all your posts - how does this help this person? It doesn’t.
You may have heard that by replying or being active on the forum here will get you orders or your Gig ranked, but, that is simply false.
It is even more annoying when one just comes here to spew nonsense like I have seen you do in at least 2 posts now.



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There’s not much you can do about that. Although if you feel the amount of time and money lost is significant enough, Fiverr does usually compensate you at least partially.

And you should make sure the buyer does not use the work he purchased from you (If possible), as he does not own the rights to it anymore and could bring lots of trouble for them. It’s basically stolen.

And what’s with all the spammers suddenly posting nonsense in here? :thinking:

Actually i am not a spammer :smiley:
I allowed myself a little fun

Blocking my post. Lol.