4 orders in 5 months. how can i pick things up?


hi guys,
I joined fiverr in January and i have received 4 orders in the 5 months that i have been here.
please any tips on how to pick things up?
i started responding to br 2 days ago but no bite yet. any insider tips on that too

thanks a lot guys


I’m also disappointed, what can I say.


I have some tips for you.

  1. Promote your gig on Google+, Facebook and twitter etc.
  2. Regularly send offers to buyers.
  3. Use perfect tags for your gigs.
  4. Provide your services at low rates for at least reaching to level one.
  5. Review similar niche gigs and make an attractive Title and description.
  6. The last one is to NEVER LOSE HOPE. You can do it!!!


nice thank you so much