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4 Psychology tricks to Impress your Fiverr client

To get the first impression from a client you have to Use Psychology to get the First Impression.

1. Detect Clients Paint Point then take the next step

First, understand the things that he looking for, What is the paint point to make him that you care about his problem, not your problem always ’ focus ’ on your client problem and make him understand how you can make a better solution for his business.

2.Use 3 Box Method

It’s powerful sales psychology that I learn from 'Dan Lok’

let’s make you understand what it is and how you can use it.

It’s like make the middle package of your service much attractive and have more features and make someone convert to buy middle one then another one.

Every big giant company uses these 3box psychology tricks like Hosting company.

3. Showcase Differently

Think of the ‘who, what, where, when, why’ your client needs your search.
Showcase how packages are different with features and why it is good for their project.Focus more on the evidence of a return on investment than on what level you are.


Give a bonus and introduce how your bonus service makes an impact and how to help your client.
always tell about the bonus separately.

Good luck hope you will is this 4 psychology to make your client stuck on you

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This is pretty much what’s taught in the “Online Freelancing Essentials” on Fiverr Learn.


Its important to attend podcast where professionals share tips & Tricks. and yes you are right

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