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4 Star Glitch on The App Must BE PATCHED!

I know many of you encountered this bug on the mobile app. It should definitely be patched. It was stated by many forum members and it’s finally the time to be taken care of.

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It is fine to post this here, but honestly this section is more for general site ideas than bug issues. Even the Report a Bug forum section is primarily there so that other users are aware of bugs. You really need to contact staff directly about ongoing bug issues. I understand that you may have already reported it to Customer Support. If not, that is the place to report it and if you have, the best thing to do is update that ticket occasionally to let them know that it is still unresolved.


Gotcha! The thing is I have stated this issue a lot of times, and not just me but other users also. :frowning:

I changed it to the right category. :slight_smile:

I understand and I know it’s been reported before. It hasn’t happen to me personally, so I can’t speak to the current status, but I do know staff was made aware of the problem. I just wanted you to know that a forum post about it was fine to notify forum readers of your concern, but the development staff wouldn’t be likely to see it here.

Sure. You are right. I needed to be more clear in my original post that this wasn’t meant for the developers

To be honest this forum thing is all new to me and this is the very first forum that I have ever used regularly. I am still in the learning process.

Thanks again!

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yes you are right and thanks…

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