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4 star rating but no revisions requested

The most frustrating thing I’ve dealt with so far (I’ve only been here a few weeks). I include at least two revisions in every package I offer. I sent along the finished work and the buyer completed the order and gave 4 stars without even asking for any revisions.


First of all, I see on your profile only a 4.5-star rating, which is better than an actual 4-star :wink:

HOWEVER, you should be aware that the 4.5-star rating can sometimes also be the cause of a common Fiverr technical/mobile bug, which makes it even more frustrating unfortunately :frowning:

Some buyers think they’ve left a 5-star rating, and instead we get a 4.5. Many sellers have faced the consequences of this bug, and I don’t know if Fiverr will ever fix it, although they should make it a top priority since it affects our stats :frowning:

So, as a seller who has gone through this several times myself, here’s what I suggest: try getting in touch with your buyer and ask them if something went wrong with their order (or what you can improve) since they left great feedback but with a lower rating, which doesn’t make much sense considering they haven’t requested any revision.

Almost every time I’ve had a 4.5, the buyer claimed they left a 5-star rating and didn’t understand why it showed up as 4.5. The fix was quick: I kindly asked the buyer if they’d be willing to re-rate the order, and if agreed I sent them a review modification request through the Resolution Center, and they rated the order again and got a 5 star :slight_smile:

Also see: Don't be late.Ask Your Buyer!


Yes I love the idea :slightly_smiling_face: But the saddest thing is asking buyer to change the review effects our gigs… Anyway I hope CS will check this…

#happysales :slightly_smiling_face:

I feel your pain! Someone left a 4 star review because Fiverr’s “choose a stock photo for me” option is asinine. She didn’t like the picture I chose; I couldn’t choose a different one. Really brilliant stuff there, eh? Anyway, despite a 3 paragraph apology, offer of ongoing assistance, etc, she left a 4 star review.

I guess it’s just entitled old people who don’t understand “the way things should work” online. She still ended up with a free(!) stock photo she was happy with. But my bad for not disabling a STUPID Fiverr feature to begin with.

Whatever. I’m still at 5.0 because it was my first 4 star rating in 140 5 star reviews, and thinking of raising my prices to price people like her out. Hang in there!

Ugh, I didn’t even know that was an option. I prefer to stay away from stock photos altogether.

If you’re a seller – highly recommend making sure it’s turned off in all your gig’s extra options. Good luck!

does your communication skill affected?
Some times it may be the reason