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4 Years Old 'Incomplete' Orders


3 different clients bought my gigs in 2013 and they completely disappeared. I’ve ‘nudged’ them for all these years but no response yet. I think the requirement for a buyer to submit some info before an order can start wasn’t well thought off. This is because some orders don’t require extra info apart from what the seller had earlier discussed with the buyer.

In a nutshell, I’ve got 6 ‘incomplete’ orders in my active orders list and the buyers were last online 3 years ago. The orders were ready within minutes of them ordering as they required little work. If I request a cancellation from them, it’s still useless as these guys are no longer active on the platform. Way forward please?


Simply contact Customer Support. They will take care of this issue.


I have about 30 incomplete orders. I admire your fortitude to keep nudging them since 2013. I don’t think about them and they can stay there forever.


Same here… I have more than 100 inactive orders.
For that the total revenue is more than $1000. What to do?? :joy:


I have one order in Nudge Basket… it is happily staying there since last month…


Personally, I think after xx months, the funds should be released to seller.


I had two of these just laying around there being lonely and all since 6 months ago, contacted customer support so they can cancel them.

Maybe in the future these incomplete orders thing will be better dealt with because as it is now - lots of work for cs instead of an automated process of some sort.


Thats not a problem, in my case if buyer not replying for 3/4 days. i just deliver the work as it is, sometimes blank file . and send a text to their inbox, i need those info. when you are back. please provide the info, i will complete the work and send to your inbox, dont worry . if order get complete

so after 3 days order automatically got complete. already got the money, so if some buyer back and knock me , i send them the file in inbox, if no one back, no worries, i still got the money! i got an order of $150 once , and he never show up. but i already have money as i delivered with a incomplete work, as i did not have info


That’s a violation of Fiverr TOS that can get you banned. Relevant section:

Sellers must send completed files and/or proof of work using the Deliver Completed Work button (located on the Order page) to mark the order as Delivered.

You said:

Whether or not the buyer is responsive, there are tools in place to deal with this (see below). Delivering a blank file is a terrible idea that can very easily backfire, and if it does, you will have little support. You agreed to the terms of service, remember–now this is violating them!

Your post is very bad advice and should not be followed. While it may have worked for you thus far, the correct course of action is to try and communicate with the buyer and follow up with the resolution center if they are unresponsive (or worse). Customer Support will cancel the order if necessary due to unresponsiveness and other issues where, say, a buyer gets weird and hostile.


thanks for the info. as i did not know that, will be recheck the condition again


thanks for info, i was looking for this