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$40 Paid - $16 Earned - Huh?

My buyer placed an order for $40. I completed the order and got 5 stars. The earned amount is $16. What is that all about?

This could happen if the original order was for 20 usd then a tip was offered for 20usd. When the order is marked complete, it will reflect $32 on the order page but on your revenue or earning page it will split the income to $16 and $16 respectively.

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Is that legal for them to take 20% of tip?

Of course it is. You signed and agreed for their terms when you registered to their website so it will be great to read them one more time to know what’s legal and what’s not.


Of course it’s legal. They don’t owe you a free service.

If they didn’t disclose that when you signed up, then yes it would be sketchy, but you agree to this when you sign up to Fiverr.

This has nothing to do with tips. There was a quantity of 2 chosen for a $20 gig, which made the initial order amount $40.

I’m seeing this directly on the order page anyway. It shows $16 earned on top and then the $40 order amount right under it.

I contacted CS and their Finance team is looking into it.

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Check your revenue page to have a clearer idea on how much you earned on that same day. I want to believe that you will see both income separated and reflecting. Fiverr hardly makes mistakes with financials.