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40 Reviews with 5 star rating but don't show up in search. (relevance,best selling , New)

Hi All
Hope you all good !

Recently i don’t know what’s happening to my gig. i have 40 reviews on my gig
and i am also going to LEVEL TWO seller after this 15 Oct 2018
but didn’t show up on search so what i am gonna do ?

Any suggestion or idea to get on search bar at least ?

Here’s my GIG link

Thanks and Regards
Amit Chauhan


Hello, the gig title on your profile page is different by one word than the title on your gig.

Did you edit the gig recently? Sometimes it takes a day or two to appear.

I don’t know how you managed to have two different titles on the same gig. One has the word “any” and one does not.

You should tell customer support your gig is not in search.


Okay so i need to change the title on my profile page with same on title on my gig right ?

Yes i edit the gig recently just add the new cover page of my own for better look and feel.

Do i need to contact the support team first ?

You can ask them why your gig is not appearing or you can wait another day or two and it will show up. I’m not sure exactly what the correction should be but the titles should match.

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Okay but i have changed the cover page from last 5 or 6 days !
also the impression is going down . before i have 2 K impression on my gig and now it will goes to 398 only ! and keeps lowering .

Then it should be in search unless somehow the two different titles are confusing it. Ask customer support.

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Okay so i will ask the support team to fix that ! thanks for the replay ! :relieved: thanks for supporting !

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