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$400 Gig To Start February Off!


Get in!!

Just got my 1st $400 gig for a website design.

Nice start to February :slight_smile:


Great! Hope you will get more order in February.


Congratulations on your gig but where I live is still January :grinning:


Congratulation brother


Hi, I saw your gigs, and your starter package said $450. Did you negotiate with your buyer? Send him a custom offer for $400? Or did you raise your prices after getting that first order?


Did a custom offer as I was already talking to him weeks agor regarding this potential gig.


Congratulations bro.


Great start @pixelspaper and long may they continue :muscle:


congratulations to you




best of luck for February bro. :wink:


As Fiverr says, “It must feel good”, doesn’t it? Congratulations…


Congrats :heart_eyes: