400+ reviews but earning not more than $200/month


400+ reviews but earnings not more than $200/month, anyone expert please guide me how to improve or can earn more and more.



I am having the same trouble as you. I spent some time today updating my profile and plan to add more gigs in the next few days to increase exposure. I also try to respond to buyer requests that fit my expertise and find that those projects help increase my earnings each month.


Your gigs are in a very competitive category. It’s difficult to stand out from the crowd especially with so much competition. All you can do is try and promote your gigs online and redirect your clients to your Fiverr profile. Maybe you can come up with a very unique gig and offer additional services ?

One thing you could try is a video. Buyers love videos and an eye catching video will def. stand out from the crowd.

Best of luck.


I can’t believe it. Even I do have 270 reviews but I earn $900 round about each month. I do have pretty good queue on my gigs.


Very few work for 2-3 months here ! Used to be busy but something change…


Very few work for 2-3 months here ! Used to be busy but something change… never earn so much anyway…


You have to play custom price
The price of $ 100 would be difficult to have a couple, but they work with high overhead.
If you are at a price of $ 5, you will be faced with a lot of orders


I am New seller . how to improve my gig and get ordar from clients?


Kia bat ha.


Hi @i_am_best , You are a logo designer. The basic cost $5 is fine, but the $30 and $75 are a bit costly to me.
$30 - Some of the designer in your category do the same for $10 or $15
$75 - Logo design, Hi-Res files, Source files, PLUS Business card, Letterhead, Facebook/ Twitter cover — If I’ll choose each work as different gig it will be around $40 and as a buyer $75 are too much for me, and I can save $35

A video can also impress me,

This is what I think , but this is my personal opinion, the best is to check other seller gigs in same niche, and compare your price range with them.
Hope it will help you


I think the number of reviews is irrelevant. I’ve seen hot sellers with 50 reviews and a ton of orders.

Nothing is permanent on Fiverr. If you’re on the first four rows this week, you might not be there next week.

You might want to lower your premium and pro prices. Going from $5 to $30 and $75 is a huge jump for most buyers.


Hello Dears, I am new in fiverr.com. I opened an account 1 weeks ago. But i have not get any order yet. Suggest me someone how can i get order?I also Experienced in Products Entry on almost any E-commerce
based online Store such as Magento Shopify,Prestashop,Ebay,
Bonanza,Bigcommerce,Magento,Opencart Site and So forth.

  1. Advertise your links on Social Media websites
  2. Be active in the Fiverr forum and external forums related to your gigs
  3. Send out offers to Buyer Requests
  4. Spend some money to make money, Google Adwords


Focus on buyer request sections as there people budget high compare to normal one


Thanks for video suggestion.


can you guide me about GoogleAdwards?


Tons of thanks for your suggestions.


Here is where you sign up: https://www.google.com.au/adwords/
And here is a quick guide: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/google-adwords-ppc


Thank you so much!