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$4000 in 3 months (and 300+reviews)!


UPDATE: As I near the end of May, I’ve done a tally of $4000+ since March, 2015! See the screenshot below (plus dozens more orders in queue!). I’ve reached level 2 and have over 300 reviews and counting! I want to thank all of my awesome buyers :slight_smile: If you’re new here and want to know how to make money, please take the following tips seriously! So many buyers get on here and ask how to make money, these are the answers everyone will give and then some:

  1. Fiverr is perfect for earning money (there’s no magic button! You have to work for it!)

  2. Offer excellent customer service and you will get awesome ratings! Communicate with your buyers. Don’t just count the order and leave the buyer in the dark! As soon as you see an order, thank the buyer and tell them you’re starting work. Keep them updated and be quick to answer questions and messages!

  3. Take advantage of the custom offer feature! I have nearly a 100% conversion when I send offers through messages.

  4. Meet your deadlines! Super important! If someone has a particularly long document and I don’t think I’ll finish it by the due date, I message them and tell them this. If it’s going to take particularly long (say for a 100k novel where a 7 day turnaround is simply impossible), I ask to cancel the original order and send a custom offer with a longer and more accurate duration. Buyers do not mind waiting longer/paying a little more if it means a job exceptionally well done!

  5. Don’t spam people by any means, but if you happen to have a slow day, you can take advantage of the Fiverr design, find a gig similar to your own, and look at who reviewed it. Find a reviewer who you are allowed to message and inform them about your service. Offer a discount and free extra to get them interested. This is what I did when I first started with reviews, it worked! I did two for $5 and built up my profile’s reputation before offering editing and writing.

  6. Finally, have a clear description that tells buyers exactly what they want to know! If you keep experiencing the same questions or realize that a lot of buyers are making the same assumption and thinking you offer something that you don’t, make that clear in your description! If you’re not a native English speaker, have someone look over your description to edit it. But, do not mislead people into thinking that you’re something you’re not! Having a clear description will simply mean buyers will be able to understand what you offer, it doesn’t mean you should lie about what languages you speak or where you’re from. Many successful sellers have English as a second language! Fiverr is a global platform, just make sure your description is readable in the site’s main language :slight_smile:


    I joined Fiverr last month (beginning of March) and have so far made over $2000 (screenshots below)! I do editing and writing services, I love my job so I love offering bargain deals :slight_smile: My gigs are affordable but I always offer high-quality work (not pitching people, but I know some are surprised at how many words I offer so I wanted to state why!).

    I love Fiverr! I shared this so people know you CAN make money here (maybe even enough to quit your job, but realize it can change in an instant!). I’ve had a steady flow of orders since the beginning, but I know that a lot of sellers hit random periods of no orders. Fiverr is my full-time job, but it’s not my only income source. Don’t quit your job and think you can make millions, but you can succeed if you have the right mindset! It’s a great way to make pocket change :slight_smile:



How much time do you spend each day doing your Fiverr work?


Okay. Officially impressed! LEGENDARY WORK!


This is very impressive!

Having said that, I have to wonder how you can work for such a low income. It’s important not to sell yourself short. You’ll notice your gig is extremely popular because you’re offering to do so much work for such little money. Honestly, you’re now in the position to change your pricing strategy.

Let’s assume you read at an average rate of 300WPM. That means you’ll read 5000 words in 15 minutes. You say you go through the words three times. That’s 45 minutes of work for $5.

Don’t misunderstand me; you’ve clearly done an excellent job so far. However, now you’ve built up your customer base and a positive reputation, you should really think about how sustainable your current rates are. Make sure you crunch the numbers to make Fiverr work as hard for you as you do for your customers.

For example, my PowerPoint gig costs $5. The work I put into the gig is worth much more than $5 but my delivery time is 14 days. I charge $20 for 3 day delivery. I also offer other extras. Over time, my sales even out to a decent hourly rate. My average order amount is $18. The average time I spend on a base gig is just under 10 minutes.

I hope all that helps in one way or another. Keep up the good work!



That’s crazy! Congrats.

Do you work by yourself or as part of a small team?


It’s just me, Sara :slight_smile:

And Dean, I totally get what you’re saying! I don’t raise my rates though because I know that a lot of authors, small businesses, and first-time bloggers struggle to reach their goals because they can’t afford quality work (I’ve been there), so I’m trying to pay it forward while still making some income :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment guys! I really just want people to realize Fiverr is totally legit and really is a chance for at-home success!


Wow thats amazing. Congrats.


congrats! :slight_smile:



Reply to @deanstokes: I don’t think Fiverr is his full-time job. When I had a full-time job, Fiverr became my extra cash. Now it’s my only cash, but I’m making it work. I can’t afford vacations, or luxuries, but maybe someday I’ll be making the wage I used to make.


Reply to @sara1984: It depends on what work is due, if it’s writing gigs I will spend a lot longer than if it’s editing. On average, I want to say about four hours a day :slight_smile:


Wow Sydney, that’s great! I’ve purchased gigs from this seller; she is great with communication, delivers on time, and keeps her promises! She obviously works hard to deliver what a buyer wants- very good!




Reply to @fastcopywriter: Oh come on. Fiverr is a vacation everyday! :slight_smile:


Reply to @sydneymorgan: 4 hours a day is amazing. When I started, believe it or not, we could not do gig extras until level 1 and no custom quotes.

I did 100 gigs in 60 days and probably totaled $800.00 for 2 months. I also worked 16 hour days to get those orders of the ground. It took me about a year to get to 4 hour days.

Great work!


Reply to @landongrace: Have you ever been on a cruise? I could use a REAL VACATION.


Congrats :slight_smile:


Reply to @sydneymorgan: I am stunned you can get through so many words in just four hours. I’m very impressed! Can you send me some of the coffee you drink? It must be a lot stronger than mine. :slight_smile:




Im a Level 2 Seller Here But Not Getting Much Sales Here,

Any Help or advice Please??


Reply to @profitsnggig: Clean up your gig text. Improve your pictures. Separate your writing and proofreading gig into two separate gigs.