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403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules. AGAIN!

I am getting tired of this being a constant thing here on Fiverr.

I just purchased a gig but cannot leave my details due to this being displayed.
“403 Forbidden
Request forbidden by administrative rules.”
I can only use Chrome to access the site as firefox and explorer I cannot get past the log in

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Hi please switch off your internet for 2-3 minutes and then reconnect. May be this will help.

I believe you should inform customer support about this issue. I’m sure they’ll help you understand the issue and find possible solution.

I get this 403 forbidden message all the time as well. I just reported it to fiverr.

Fiverr is optimized for Chrome, so if you aren’t having trouble in Chrome you could just stick with it. If you are having trouble in Chrome too or if you want to try something on the other browsers, clear all cookies related to Fiverr, all cache related to Fiverr and restart your browsers. (You can clear ALL your cookies, cache, history instead if that’s easier.)

After browser restart, navigate to the page you wanted via the Fiverr site instead of using a bookmark. For most people, this resolves any 403 errors. Those seem to often be caused by using bookmarks to go to certain pages and/or having cached data that interferes with current data.