42 Days, 50 Completed Orders, 1 Tired Hustler


I signed up for Fiverr exactly 6 weeks ago today. 42 days and I just completed my 50th gig.

I have been INCREDIBLY fortunate and have had some AWESOME Buyers.

When I first started on January 18th, my goals were to have one gig completed in January and to make $100 in February.

To my absolute amazement, I blew those goals out of the water. I’m still working a full-time job and work my Fiverr gigs on nights and weekends, but it is so much fun, I don’t mind all the work.

For the first time, I’ve actually started to consider if it would be possible to make this a full-time job in and of itself.

That’s it. Just wanted to share my story to let others know that it is possible to help others and carve out a little niche for yourself here in the Fiverr Family.

Level 2 in Two Months? It Can Be Done! I Just Did It

I love reading such inspirational stories. It seems those that succeed have something in common - motivation!!



Thank you. It has been so much fun so far.


Thanks for sharing your story. Congrats are in order for such an amazing and impressive success. Cheers! :tropical_drink: :tada:


Thank you so much. I just hope I can keep helping folks and continuing to build my Fiverr reputation.


You’re a super :muscle: hero, you can do it! :money_mouth:



I love your hard work


Congratulations. What a great start. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Hats off to you!

Some factors: You were not a beginner in your category. You may be new to Fiverr, but not a beginner at writing copy. Huge difference and a major positive.

You already know about marketing, and that is huge when getting started. Nobody knows if you are good, but I suspect your gig was head and shoulders above others who were just starting in terms of copy/layout/presentation, unless they had similar experience. (I doubt it.)

I suspect we’ll see more success stories from you. Love it.


Great to hear you are experiencing success. I think Fiverr has come a long way as far as new sellers who put genuine effort into putting up great gigs easier to start on.


Congratulations. Wish you more success. Fiverr is indeed AWESOME.


A big congrats! Great content and hard work certainly pays off.


If I want to success like you then what should I do?
can you suggest me?