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42 days & SLOWLY MAKING PROGRESS, Do You like To Know More?

Hi there, First I like to thank you for taking your precious time to click on this post, :smiley: But to read it to the end is another matter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This post however, is dedicated to some sellers who put their time and efforts to help other in the community. If you like to find out more, please continue reading, thank you!

Well, let me tell ya. I love to update how it goes for me here on Fiverr once in a while. For those who don’t know me at all. I’ve been doing Freelancing now for 2 years (on another platform) what unfortunate is not allowed to share. People who know me a little bit here on the Forum know what platform I referred too. What I love most about this platform is that most communication exists outside their actual platform, what I think is a wonderful feature, because you interact with real buyers (B2B) and you share your work on live-screen. Everything has been working out for me extremley well and I can’t complain. BUTTT…

Since joining Fiverr 43 days ago I can’t say anything bad about this platform either. It is a pity I let it wait for so long before joining? Why, How come? Well, because Fiverr isn’t that well-known in the Netherlands and what you hear about Fiverr is often not that good. Which now I think is completely out of the question. Fiverr has its PROS & CONS (I named this earlier in a post) but it is actually a great platform for people like me who just started out – even though I’ve been doing freelancing for 2 years, I’m still a newbie and have so much to learn and to explore. Especially when Fiverr has a completely different platform, different rules, and interactions that you need to follow to become successful. That’s what makes Fiverr such a challenge and undertaking.

What I love so much about Fiverr Marketplace is their accessibility to their Forum. What is full of experienced and awesome sellers, which (if I could)) credit them 100 times over for their time they put in helping others with their awesomeness and amazing comments. What sometimes made me ‘‘RETHINK’’ things I thought I knew but actually DID NOT!! Thank you guys for being such a valuable resource for me and the community and helping me and others become a better seller. :hugs:

The HACK I would credit them for that, they deserve it big TIME!! I could even describe each one of them to their personality, but it simply would be too long. So I just keep it by their profile names:

@maitasun, @vickiespencer @hanshuber16, @humanissocial, @jonbaas, @lloydsolutions, @ahmwritingco, @cyaxrex and @catwriter, and the list goes on and on, but these guys are on my TOP-NOTCH LIST, and as for you new sellers out there, I’ll keep an eye out for them too if I were you.
Because if you read their comments and implement them, and follow Fiverrs Rules, and with some determination you will succeed!! But most importantly you’ll be blessed with knowledge beyond your dreams!!

I’ve learned so much in these 43 days, and every day to me is a learn-process!

This was just a few words about my 43 days experiences here on Fiverr, tomorrow or another day I will update you guys about my Gigs, my twigs and turns. So keep an eye out for my post, CHEERS FOR FEARS!!

Thank you for reading my post to the end. I wish you all the best on your journey!

Sincerely, Humberto


Thanks for taking time to share this. Will look forward to reading about it tomorrow or whenever you post it!


Thanks, Humberto! This great feedback and I’m happy I’ve helped!


Don’t thank me, but thank yourself for being such an INSPIRATION of HOPE here in the Forum. After all you put a lot of your valuable time and efforts to teach us rookies a lesson, which is much appreciated. I hope everybody will take your advice seriously. Keep up with your amazing comments, and thank you for being you!!

Kind regards, Humberto


Hi there @shadelily, thank you so much. I see that you’re new here (2nd day) and I wish you a HUGE welcome to the forum, where news of Tomorrow is Today’s news, but I guess you’ve already noticed that. :innocent:. Glad you here and I wish you all the best with your gigs and everything else!
Regards, Humberto


Hi there, I get what you say about Fiverr, what you hear is not that good but for me has been a great experience. I’ve worked for the longest time as an in-house designer for different companies, and decided to work from home last year because of an unexpected turn of events with my daughter’s health. She needed me home and I just couldn’t afford to have a 9-5 job anymore. Mind you, I joined Fiverr back in 2016, because of a co-worker’s recommendation, and only came back and actually started working, finding customers and posting gigs in February this year. So far it’s been great! I’ve learned a lot because I’ve never been a freelancer before, it’s completely different from working for a company. Thanks to everybody for sharing their knowledge, I hope to keep working and learning here on Fiverr!


This is so lovely! Thank you.


Hi @cynthiarenn, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It is not always easy to talk about it. I feel so sorry to hear about your daughter. It must have been/is a terrible time for your family. :cry: I hope everything will turn out great for you and your beloved family (god I hope so :pray:). You’ve made the right decision to join Fiverr again since 2016. You’ve surely done a great job so far! Whatever your daughter’s condition may be, I know she must be extremely happy for having her mom all to herself. I wish you all the luck, peace and prosperity. I will pray for you :pray: Kindly, Humberto


Hi and thank you for the kind welcome! I am excited to be here and work hard along everyone else. Thank you for being apart of this lovely community

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Hello there fellow Dutchie!

Good to hear more people from our little flat land are on here. Awesome to hear things are going so positive for you, really love your engaging story!


Hoi hoi @lynmotion, nu dan eindelijk een Nederlander hier op het forum, wat leuk! Super bedankt voor je reactie.

Sorry guys, I was caught up by my fellow Dutchie lol. My translation: Hi, hi, @lynmotion, finally a dutchy here on Fiverrs platform. Awesome! Thank you for your comment! :crazy_face::innocent:

Anyways, I’m glad you here @lynmotion. Wish we had more Dutchies here indeed. Keep it up FLYING DUTCHIE :smiley: Kindly Humberto