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43 Order, All 35 positive reviews



Proud to be a partner of this massive freelance platform <3 ! Thank you fiverr



Congratulations to you


Man, you’re a genius…You broke the Guinness World Records as a freelancer on Fiverr…You would be getting a trophy soon…


Hey, I don’t appreciate sarcasm like that coming from my buyers. Just kidding. Congrats, @codepanda- but really, are all these milestone posts necessary?


Is it possible that he had very low expectations of himself? Maybe he though it was impossible to receive 35 positive reviews in a row :thinking: :smiley:


Yes they are…He is using a smart marketing technique because he letting buyers know that he has a lot of happy customers…


Yes it is impossible to get 35 positive reviews from 43 orders… :thinking:

No one got that … He is only one the person … :yum:


Well, unfortunately I’ve blown that streak, so maybe it is true.