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432 impressions, 6 clicks, and 1 order in 15 days

Hello, I’m Becca. I have read and implemented all the forum guides given to me. Is there any reason why I can’t get more orders? I’m very good at my job, I get outside work and all they have for me is praise. I have even looked at a few leading gigs and used their models. So, why so little click and order?

PS: this is my gig. If you were my buyer, would you click and order?


No, I would not click. There’s too much information on the main gig image and the colors clash. Look up the 5/5/5 rule, and see here:

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Yes, if I wanted to get transcription work done, I actually would consider hiring you. The only issue I see is that you cannot decide whether you promise 99% or 100% accuracy.

I, for one, like your thumbnail. You are using it effectively to show buyers what you are offering before they click on your gig. You are clearly advertising yourself as having low prices but high quality. Also, the text is easy to read, at least on my monitor. The only thing I would do is maybe add an “only $5 per 20 minutes” to your image if you can get it to look natural, as it will make your messaging and market positioning even clearer. You are positioning yourself as THE choice for the budget-conscious buyer who wants the best possible quality at the price-point.

As a relatively frequent buyer on Fiverr, I would certainly click on your thumbnail if I was looking for a cheap transcriber.

Transcription is a relatively competitive category, so it can be difficult to get orders, but I do not think one order in 15 days is terrible. In fact, that is pretty much in line with what I had after my first two weeks on Fiverr.


Thank you so much for your feedback and for sharing your story with me. I will follow your instructions and work on my gig. Please let me know if you need some transcription done in the future. :wink:

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Hi. I looked it up and it is actually something. Thank you so much for sharing. :heart_eyes:

Thanks for sharing :smiley: