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44 buyer request I was write but, I have no work

Hi, I am new on Fiverr. I have one gig on Fiverr, But no order. Every time I send buyer request. It doesn’t work. There has a problem, there are no buyer request post in social bookmarking. and there has a lot of seller posts and a little buyer post. please help me how can I get the order.


Its not a easy thing but you must keep thriving…Send more buyer requests, For me, I have sent over 700 requests on the buyer request platform, yet I can say, I have only gotten about 5-6 jobs directly from that. So, keep pushing. It may be just one work you will get after, that will bring other ones for you. Keep the hope alive, don’t faint yet. This platform is real but you must offer distinct services nevertheless, cause a lot are offering similar, but you can make yours unique. Do more of advertising your gig on social media, and I will advice you, try creating that same gig in different ways, not just all the packages in one, offer different aspects and see which the customer world will be able to relate more with. Lastly, in sending buyer request offers, there are more creative ways of writing a captivating offer, that makes your buyers interested in what you offer, and of course, you must have a strong profile to back that up. All the best.


thanks for inspiration bro

I wrote 88,
I got orders becuase I worked hard and learned to rank my gigs to the top.
I have been here for 30 days and have 3 orders and all of that is because of ranking my gigs high as buyer request dont really help as everyone just spams there

please help me , how I will rank up my gig. I always share my gig but it not work. My gig is not rank up. Please give me some tips that you use for yourself


Check out a youtube channel called Fiverr talks by Joel young. He has been in the platform since 2013 and made 2 million dollars from Fiverr. Take advice or look at top rated sellers gigs and take inspiration from. Look at the gigs that are ranking first and see how they use thier keywords. Add keywords in your discription. Use all 5 tags, if you’re gig is still not ranking change your tags or change your gig seo and add keywords by clicking upgrade seo

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Yes I guess it does break a few TOS but there are some tips that are useful in the website due to which I sent ( not all are good but some tips are )

Won’t deny that, but it’s a ‘trust’ thing. You promoted a questionable article without a warning label. I discover I can’t trust the article, and now I can’t trust you or anything else you recommend.


Dear, Are you angry with me for my article?

If that was your article that @optical_designs had shared, then yes. If that wasn’t yours, then no, I’m not upset with you.

There was no disclaimer, nor statement that it was an opinion article, and the writer didn’t cite a single source for the information.


I got my first order after 71. So don’t worry.

Publish 7 gigs .It 'll help you to get orders.If you publish 7 gigs you will get higher chance to rank a gig .


Sorry about that, did not mean to do that. I just wanted to share tips like

  1. Make trustworthy clients.
  2. Increase your conversion rate.
  3. Have a good Average Selling Rate.

Here is the Contact us: for the article. I have sent a message that it violates the ToS and waiting for the response.

Have a great day!