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45 Years Experienced Professional Logo Designer

Dear Friends, My name is Michel.I am a professional artist in US. I have more than 45 years experience in this field. I just have a BA for fine arts.

Dear friends, I am 51 years old man. One of my friend told me, this is a good place for my ability. I have a little problem. He said me that he earn more than 400$ for day. The basic gig is 5$. 400/5=80 orders. Is this possible to do 80 orders for day. How you guys doing it?

I am a premium member in 99designs. I earned 1563.72$ last month. 1563.72$/30 days = 52.124$ per day. Is there any way to attract my Gig quickly? My friend is a top rated seller in here. How long does it takes to be a top rated seller?

Do you guys really earn at least 100$ per day. Please help me to do this.

Excuse me… so you’re telling us that you’re a designer from the time you were only 6 years old ? ( you’re 51… and you have 45 years of experience in this field… ? )

Yes, I was a artist. When I was 6, I had my own painting show. Don’t misunderstand. Its not a lie. Why can’t I say that.?

Many freelancers have nothing in their real life. They are not artists. I am a artist.


You have portfolio?

You look as American as they come, yet speak like somebody from India. You say you have 45 years graphic design experience yet you only have one very average looking logo on your portfolio page.

Things aren’t really adding up. Your brand looks poor to me. Fix these incongruencies or settle for a life of mediocre sales.

Reply to @sara1984:

Yes I am a american. My mother language is not English. It is French. I learned in a Russian school. I don’t associate social much and I am not married yet. How ever, my English is very bad.

I will change my samples according to your advice. Those samples are just design in today morning. I had my works on my pc. I will update them, as soon as I go home.

Its very difficult to make a attractive gig. I just have submit contests before. This is a new experience.

Thank for your time.

No problem! I’ve played with my gig so many times that it looks nothing like it did originally. You learn what works and what doesn’t as time goes by. If you get sales, great, if not, you can change things around later.

Logo designing on Fiverr is VERY competitive. You’ll need to present yourself really well to get ahead of the competition. Once you get those first few orders though, you should find it easier.

good luck. :slight_smile:

Reply to @sara1984:

I am a good painter in real life. But I can’t do such thing for 5$. My painting are worth more than 100$. Since few years, I haven’t sell any of my painting under 200$. The problem is I just do few for a month.

The other thing is I am afraid to add my best ones. I can’t do them for 5$.

Yah…!! like first Comment.

Sir i appreciate you… i dont enjoy my work until i don’t face any competitor,

when someone stand against us, this is first thing which lead you to win…

God solve your all Problems.


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Reply to @michelonline: You have stolen a photo of an American University professor, claim experience beginning at the age of 6 and claim to have a BA instead of the doctorate that goes with your photo. This is not a great start to a Fiverr career, you know?

Since you are a painter who can do work valued at $100-200, though, you actually could sell work of that type. Put up a portfolio of your actual best work but be honest. When you plan a painting, you must start with a sketch of some kind. Offer a sketch for $5 and then you can add extras. If you are really that good, there are buyers who will pay more, I can tell you that from experience. It doesn’t have to be painting, but if you can make gigs based on something you are really good at it’s better than faking your way through bad logos. Offer French lessons perhaps?