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48 hour Phone verification wait trouble

I can’t verify my phone number. It was associated with an old account I’d never used and so I set up a new one to start fresh. After several attempts, it said I need to wait 48 hours. I didn’t have time to wait so I contacted the help desk. They just suggested I wait out the 48 hours anyway. That was Thursday afternoon.
It is now Monday morning and I’m still locked out. I don’t have time for this. Not even the help desk can help…
and yes, I only have one phone number.

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At first you are trying to create multiple accounts which is against of fiverr TOS… If they have given you permission then you can delete the old one and use new one …However , You can clear your browser history or you can try to verify your phone number from another browser .

I had already deactivated the old account and customer support told me what to do but it didn’t help and now they’re not responding.