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48 hours + Purchased SEO help = Still no gig in search results?

I still can’t see my gig in search results. I can see the one I made the day before the one in question, and I can see the one I made just 10 minutes ago, but this particular one just isn’t showing up. I tried editing the tags, but still nothing was happening.

I thought I could pay for SEO help to at the very least help it show up in searches, and maybe even help with keywords as the listing is in a field that as far as I can tell doesn’t really have a designated category, so that way people would even be able to find it without having to search for it directly. The gig in question said 24 hours delivery, and the guy personally said he would boost the listing to 300+ impressions It’s been 30 hours post purchase and as far as I can see, nothing has been done to the gig (new tags, impressions, etc.). Because I paid for SEO help, I haven’t done any more editing to the gig because I didn’t want to mess up whatever this guy is working on.

  1. What gives? What else should I be doing to help my gig become visible?
  2. How long should I be waiting on this guy? He did message before the 24 hours was up to say that it would be finished in 24 hours, and I was willing to be reasonable and patient. But for a $5 gig, how long is too long to wait? I’ve never paid for freelancing work before.


Edit: OK, so legit 5 minutes after posting this, the guy messaged me saying that the order was complete, and to check my impressions tomorrow. But I just did a search for my post again and it’s still MIA as far as I can see. :sweat: :sweat:



Now, SEO is meant to present you to relevant people.

Most of the 5$ GIGs here offer to give you 300 or 4000 or infinite numbers of clicks and impressions but what is the point of that if they are not buyers or never even remotely capable or willing to buy something from you.

You have a local store for tools for left handed and you bought service where someone is going to bring 300 righthanded people with zero budget.

How is that going to help you and your store?

EDIT. I just checked your GIG and I must say I wish I had budget to buy. It sounds great. I hope you get honest buyers.

Maybe it would be bad for me to have live tour, I already want to move there just from the pictures.


I understand your point. I messaged him when I purchased the gig specifically stating that I was hoping for help in having the gig show up in searches. I assumed that was what SEO meant (optimizing the search engine to make my gig more visible). But - my gig still isn’t showing up!


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I understand. It is just that SEO for GIGs can only be bought from Fiverr staff because they know the inside of the system. They even rolled out new system Seller plus where you can pay for Fiverr suggestion (someone from Fiverr staff will check your gigs and give you instructions on how to update)

Anyone else is just guessing.

What he will probably do is put your link on FB groups where they exchange links and randomly click.

I bought that long time ago as a test and part of my Youtube video and the results were I got 1000 clicks and the view time was under second, so they just clicked and closed the tab.

I bought YouTube SEO promotion for a video to test those gigs and as a result I got 700 comments with one word - gud, good or Nice.

Bots, human bots.

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take time, hope you will get result.