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485$ in one day – time for some ice cream!

It’s been boring the past few days. No orders, very few messages, and everything just seemed to stagnate after last weeks rush that never came. Usually, I have at least one rush per week, but with easter and all, I had the chance to do other stuff than work for once. Well - other work stuff is more like it. A change is always nice, but I must admit that I felt the air leaking out of my mood-balloon when Monday came and went with no orders.

Then I woke up this Tuesday to find not one, not two, but three orders in queue + another just waiting for some info before I can get going.

“Damn!” I thought. On the one day that I feel like shit (slept for too long) I get a bunch of 24-hour turnarounds on voice overs. After two cans of Monster, three cups of coffee, way too much water (which means I gotta get out of the booth every five minutes to take a leak, damn it!), I finally got started. A couple of hours later, and I’m done.

Then I wrote a 2000 word article on how to get cheap flights when the pandemic ends (I know, I’m optimistic. I’m usually not!), interviewed a couple of industry experts for that, hit publish, and now it’s time for ice cream. I’ve earned it.

All in all a great day with a bad start. Now the pregnant wifey is asking for dinner – again. This is the third dinner today. God help me.

How was your Tuesday?


My Tuesday is almost over and it wasn’t nearly as exciting. I did finish a piano cover/arrangement/remix thing, so now I can play with the new forum music challenge tomorrow.

My Monday was like yours, lots happened, a week’s income got made. A lovely day.

Tuesday was a nightmare and today seems to be working on that too with a client who rushed in to sign up (on another platform) and seems completely immune to the terms of the gig and what I send as instruction to get things to work. One more off response and his two bookings are being borked as I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel and it ain’t the Sun.


Congratulations on receiving that order! It’s been pretty busy and tiring for me, trying to get back on top of a bunch of freelance projects.

Nice! Good to know too as I’ve had one of the most dead periods of my entire time on Fiverr since easter. Hopefully the orders start flowing again soon!

My Tuesday was pretty awesome.
I had a “social distancing BBQ party” at my friend’s place.
I brought my special ribs with me and boy did we ate.
A little too much though, time to hit the gym! :sweat_smile:

Enjoy your ice cream!
…You know what, ice cream sounds great. I might get some for myself.
Ahem, I can go to the gym tomorrow!

Awesome. congratulations and cool

Congratulations! Is it your first?

The rest was good too and my other query is what is your go-to ice cream?


Not my first but unfortunately the first one was with a rich family who decided to threaten the mother of the child with pulling her education and work oppurtunities if she didn’t get rid of me, since I was apparantly not up to their standards. I was 15 at the time, and so was the mother, so the whole story is rather sad. And when I say rich, I mean major top 1% of the top 1%, so as a 15 year old boy I didn’t dare take up the fight with them and risk the kids upbringing. To illustrate, those parents of her bought the majority in a company for 10 million bucks just so they could make life difficult for their neighbour who was the CEO, because they couldn’t agree on a tree in his garden. Then they ruined his company.

So no contact there, I’m afraid, which is sad. Been 15 years since then, so I guess this is my first that I’ll actually get to be a father to.


PS. My go-to ice cream is chocolate covered vanilla with caramel and peanuts. Omnomnomnom!

Congratulations! You never know when it will be your lucky day. Talking both for your freelancing career and you as a future father (if you are not already).

Well yesterday was Thursday and I didn’t do quite a lot. I had a Google Meeting, then a few hours of Online Lessons, another meeting about Erasmus+. I actually decided to not work today as I was mentally tired since I didn’t take a break last weekend.

All of these Online Meetings, Lessons are so frustrating…I sometimes think that I have less time now, than before the pandemic.

We completely lost human connection…


I never did much meetings, not now, not before the pandemic. I hate meetings.

I think most meetings are a waste of time. As a freelancer, I’m lucky that I get to pick my clients, and I’ve fired a few of them in the past because they demanded hours of my time discussing projects in meetings before we even got started on the actual work.

I love to the point and direct communication. The perfect meeting is one that doesn’t have to be held at all.

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Congratulations mate :pray:

Congratulations partner !!! I dident have nothing yet, not orders not nothing… some advice for me ??

I completely agree with you. However, I had a meeting with a collaborator and not a client so we necessarily had to discuss over a video call. While the Online Lessons is something I cannot do anything about it.

I’ve managed to have everything described on my requirements page and I have no longer issues with clients asking for calls.
I mean, if I had to do a call with each client I’d definitely increase my pricing list.