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48hours more even after 3 days of open dispute

Got a client who did not want to respond to my extra offer caused me to create an open dispute with her. The supposed work was 2 days but dispute takes 3 days. Then Fiverr sends me a late delivery warning email. I thought to myself “A few more hours and the deal will be cancelled once the time is up.”

But nope, Fiverr gives the client another 48hours to response to the dispute, which will cause me to have “very late” sign. I don’t like that.

What’s the point of giving extra 48hrs when client has not been responding for the past 3 days? I am just so frustrated :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


why you dispute your buyer just because buyer didn’t respond your extra offer? I meant, if you completed the main order and buyer didn’t respond your extra offer that’s fine, at least you tried to offer your buyer an extra offer, and after you deliver your final order buyer still not respond in 3 days, the order will automatically marked as complete and you will not getting “very late sign” and you can withdraw your earning from that order. :neutral_face:

because it is not right to send a non-completed job as required. If I send the main order, client will think this is a place holder. She can accept it and rate me badly or send me to CS, which my gut feeling says so because she’s online every now and then. It’s just that she’d not accepting my request. Also, she rejected my offer before I open a dispute.

what do you mean with it, so the main order is not completed yet?
I meant, if you already complete what buyer wants you could deliver it to buyer, and if buyer think you miss something, buyer could push the revisions button and telling you what’s the problem until buyer push the revisions button (as long as it’s make sense). If your buyer rejected your offer, that’s mean your buyer didn’t want your extra offer :neutral_face:

ps: I didn’t know about the very late sign of label from dispute situation, because mostly all of my buyers willing and cooperative to solve the problems. Good luck anyway :neutral_face: