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493 reviews and still advertising in the BRs!

How does a Seller get 493 reviews, high overall rating, etc. and is still advertising in the Buyer Requests?!?

And posting the link to their Profile in the request!?!

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I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sellers offering their services in response to buyer requests in the BR section. I have a high level of reviews, and I’ve pursued – and responded to – buyer requests. BR is a way to connect buyers looking for something to sellers selling that service. I’m a seller offering a service. I like connecting to buyers looking for my services. Connections are, after all, what the Buyer’s Request section is all about.

I am unaware of it being only for new sellers looking for their first sales. :wink:

Do you mean the seller is posting a buyer request as a seller?! Because if that’s the case… what the?!

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No, it’s some writing seller who is advertising their gig through buyer requests and boasting their 450+ reviews. They’re violating ToS and somehow are still selling their gigs and not getting banned or restricted.

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You are correct. They have been on Fiverr since 2013 as well. :unamused:

Not only that, but they mentioned their 486 reviews and by the time I looked at their profile it was up to 493. So they are getting sales regularly too.

Just curious, how would I know which other Sellers are replying to the BRs? :slight_smile:

Yes, they’re trying to sell services via BR. I find it kind of ridiculous that no one at Fiverr noticed the Fiverr profile address that was typed in it too (not their username, the whole profile address starting with the https). Especially since my legitimate Buyer Requests, as a Buyer, take about 12 hours to post.

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