4days no job to do


i really need some Job from u guys out there cos im pained in the Butt doing no job…
with clear sincerity i will do a perfect job for the community


only 4 ! its my 38 days no request…


wow, really that bad…i guess i better be patient


I don’t see you posting any gig. How can you have orders without opening a gig?


Don’t upset. some sellers don’t have any jobs for months. so try hard. Try to post buyer requests everyday. These days you don’t have orders means, you have more free time to improve your gigs and your knowledge. so try hard. Normally, some months we don’t have enough sales.
I saw your gigs are not displaying. so do something soon. Good luck. :+1:


Bcaz she got suspended.thats no gigs on display


Oh. This is so sad…I hope she will able to fix them soon.


i got 3 gigs but it been saved in my Draft in profile, i dont know why it that way…how don i make it to be an active Gig…THANK YOU


You need make sure each section is filled in (eg. description, pricing, requirements), make sure it’s got a gig image (Gallery section), and click on the “Publish” button.


ok thank u
im indeed pleased