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4k impressions to 1k a day :(



I’m a newbie but I was doing very well in my opinion as I’m only 20 days on fiverr. For the last two weeks I had over 4k impressions a day which was amazing, but since I was late with few orders (as my internet connection was gone for over 24h) I lost my express label. Is there anything I could do with it?

My gig:

Please help :slight_smile:




So there’s a chance that I will get my label back? I read somewhere here that once your label express is gone it will never return.



While I appreciate your enthusiasm, having Express on a new gig is not your best move.

Since you haven’t learned how the system works, tested your gig and delivered successfully, you gambled and with that comes risk.

You’re going to have work much harder now to get and deliver orders to gain back what you’ve lost.


Thank You so much for you answer, but I have two more questions.

1.) How can I gain back the express label?

2.) How can I check it?