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4rth Day On Fiverr :/

4rth day on fiverr still don’t have any sale :frowning: HuH

I had to wait 3 weeks before my first order. It is hard at the beginning, so you have to work hard to improve your gigs and promote them…

Reply to @wadsolutions:

Where should i promote my gigs?

You know what helps? I mean really helps? Not copying other people’s gig description.

Hey, not cool! I’m not happy that you chose to copy 2 of my gigs. At least be creative when you copy: you pretend to be an Engineer from Pakistan, but according to the gigs you’ve copied without even editing you’re also British, German, American, a journalist, a model and a researcher. Honestly, don’t do these things.


Despite what the critics said, I thought you were great in Getaway with Ethan Hawke.

my friend you have to change GIG images check my gigs gig image is important on Fiverr because most of buyers are going through gig thumbnail and enter to your gig.

Try upload a Video on your gigs that will increase the views for your gigs.

Write a Good Description, add catchy phrases.

NOTE* Try to add Fiverr Logo to all your gig thumbnails

Write a good description what you give for 1gig 2 gig etc

Write a good profile description

Try these stuff you will definitely gonna get jobs

the best thing to do is video. also if you understand how keywoards and search engines work this will help you. I also advertise my gigs on craigslist or other classified ads. You have to stand out from the crowd and here you have to be your own director, producer and editor. I know how it is when you are just an actor or model. If you decide to do a gig like “valeriebenguiat” make sure you don’t just copy and paste but add your own words to it.

Also professionals can tell if you do NOT appear to be the person behind the screen name, anyone can take a blank photo of a girl kneeling and write with photoshop on the cardboard…

Like that movie with bruce willis where everyone is a robot and you can’t tell if a FAT man is this beautiful model because it can be a robot…

hmmmmmmmmm somethings to think about!

Reply to @valeriebenguiat: Wow…and then they have the nerve to ask why they get no sales. I hope you reported them!

Aw, you guys~ Stop picking on Selena! It isn’t easy being an international singing star AND running Fiverr gigs at the same time. I mean, c’mon, cut her some slack. She’s slogging through Pakistani engineering school after being a “professional writer and journalist for the last 5 years” who can transcribe English/German, that is, when she’s not being a"British Female part time Model who has been fortunate enough to be featured in OK Magazine and LOOK Magazine (two of the UK’s biggest Fashion Magazines)!" AND she’ll also solve your Wordpress problems, no matter “what theme u r using”. Such a busy 21-year-old singer-actress-model-transcriber-journalist-engineering student she is!

And don’t forget, she’ll gladly accept a tip for a job well done, all funds going to "sponsoring my Desires. Yay!"

So, stop picking on her~ (and PLEASE report her for doing that lowest of low Fiverr infractions: copying other people’s gigs. Yay!)

I’ve reported her and our absolutely awesome and expedite customer support who charges us sellers absurd amounts for god knows what has done: Nothing! ta-da! As per usual.

Well, no, customer support is really very fast at blocking comments where you expose others by name, but copycats apparently are ok. Right, Miss Selena Gomez? I’m just hoping someone hires you to write their content! Let’s see those 5 years of journalism kick in.

Its hard to get the first sale but once you do then its smooth sailing from there.

I was doing great this past few weeks till this buyer gave me a negative review for no reason at all. I am sooo PISSED. My rating has gone down and for some reason sales have gone down as well. Not sure what to do…