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4th Anniversary Week of my Fiverr Journey

:confetti_ball::tada: 4th Anniversary Week of my Fiverr Journey.:confetti_ball::tada:

A short Story : I had joined fiverr at 19th July, 2013. Experience was great - lots of UP & Down "that’s like heart beat.
I had get level2 in the first year.

I have seen many new updates on fiverr, some gone rocks and some has been taken back.

Overall great journey but i don’t know about what next:)

anyone want to ask any tips - i may give :slight_smile:


Fiverr should have some bonus or surprise package for their old seller!!

Congrats!!! I like your nick name!

WOW - I would like to share a great move from FIVERR FINANCIAL TEAM AND SUPPORT GUYS.

fiverr support guy : “James” has given 50$ Bonus in my shopping balance for Celebrate my 4th Anniversary of fiverr journey :slight_smile:

This is really appreciated and great move :slight_smile:


Oh wow! Fiverr gave you $50 for your birthday?


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Yes - It’s Amazing and Awesome - Appreciated - BIG THANKS FOR ALL FIVERR TEAM :slight_smile:

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Oh my, that’s wonderful. You see, look how Fiverr rewards long time users.

You’re an incredible inspiration to all of us here.


Congrats. :thumbsup::tada::confetti_ball::dizzy:

Will that 20% fee be applied to that? Just asking. :thinking:

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That’s bonus in Shopping balance - So i think that can use for buy any other gig only - Not for Withdraw :blush:

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LOL so back to fiverr. I see. :thumbsup:
Btw you have done really great job in 4 years. :heart_eyes:

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In real calculation : If i do buy any other seller service -“anything” $10 back to Fiverr as 20% commission and other seller will earn $40. Otherwise - Benefit for me too - I can buy any service - Like: some article or anything without Using my Real Money :slight_smile:


Don’t worry - you don’t have to explain yourself.

You earned it! And congrats on your 4 years!


:smiley: Very nice and also you could be more pro! :blush: