5,000 Orders Completed!


It finally happened today… 5,000 completed orders! I’m well aware there are sellers on here who accomplish that in a month but I can’t help but feel this is a major milestone in my time here on Fiverr. I’m proud to say I deliver the same amount of effort and passion today as I did on day one. I knew if I never wavered on my standards in quality and value, it would pay off in the long term. I’ve been featured in the Fiverr Blog twice, been mentioned in the newsletter a few times and, most importantly, met 5,000 incredible people in seemingly countless industries. To my fellow sellers, stick with it! There will be slow times, sure. But take it from a guy who is using Fiverr to pay for his wedding… this truly is the best marketplace for extra income. Looking forward to the next 5,000…


My Congratulation bro ! I got my first order 25 th of March last year,and It’s 1 year for today :).You completed 5000 orders today. Great ! Well Done ! I wish you for 10,000 orders soon !


Hey, congrats to you too, then!


Congratulations! I’m getting close to 5,000, only 4,988 orders to go!!


It’ll happen


Congrats ! (moved your thread to Fiverr Stories by the way :wink: )


Thanks! I wasn’t sure if my story would interest the general public or just fellow sellers


Reply to @sucantare: Hi there! I’m a Fiverr employee and we’re really excited for you about this! Please check your Fiverr inbox for a message from me, thanks!


I am a site owner and congratulations on your success!



I wish you much a happy wedding and lots of years to come!

Best of luck

:slight_smile: Joe

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That’s amazing, nice job! Keep up the good work.


Great milestone! Here’s to the next 5,000!

All the best,



Congratulations. Great achievement :slight_smile:

I have achieved 1000 Mark Today as well.


WOW! Amazing job, well done!




Reply to @sucantare:

Thanks friend :slight_smile:


Congratulations :slight_smile: good work I am currently at 3,326 hoping to get past 5k soon wish me well Guys :slight_smile: God bless you all


congrat bro, i pray to reach there soonest, am still a level 1seller


Reply to @madmoo: you’re so close! You HAVE to update us when you get there. The wedding is July 13th!


Reply to @lacimotor: Thank you!