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5,000 Words for $5

I am a Certified Paralegal with over 10 years of experience writing articles, blog posts, research papers and summaries, various styled essays, social media posts, and creative pieces. I have an AA and BA Degree in English Writing, and passed a national paralegal certification examination. With an initial track record of nearly a handful 5 star reviews as a new Fiverr seller, I continue to enjoy editing thousands of words. I now welcome the opportunity to edit for you, too.

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Meh, your English still sounds a bit contrived for somebody who claims to have such a track record. Also, that picture. That must go. Please.

Sorry to know that you disagree with my writing style and picture. I do appreciate your input as you provided the same in a previous post.

Yay, I’m consistent!

Btw, if your credentials really are what you say they are, there’s no way you should be offering 5000 words for 5$. You are underselling your work to an incredible extent. Don’t do that. Not only will you not get more orders (my orders have consistently gone up when I increase my prices), you will be dealing with the worst clients. Terrible business decision.

This is, naturally, assuming you do quality work. If you don’t… nothing can save you :slight_smile:

I understand your point. Many sellers offer a similar service focused on 1,000 words for $5. I have to stand out and when I have a comfortable amount of reviews I can increase my price.

There are other ways to stand out other than price. Personality, for instance. Offering something different that nobody else is offering.

What you are saying at the moment is basically: I’m offering the same service as somebody else for 1/5 of the price. What that communicates to the buyer (weather you like it or not) is that the other sellers are 5 times better than you.

I understand lowering prices to get the first reviews, but lowering them by a factor of 5 is excessive imo.

I can agree with you on the price for the work I’d put in. Orders may take varied time to complete with different levels of effort. 5,000 words in 24 hours could be pushed a little more than $5.

That’s another thing. You should think about charging extra for 24 hour express delivery.

I will have the cost included as a total package. If any delays occur, I would let the buyer know.