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5 best tips to get order in a week (100% working)

Note:- My english is not so good, but you will understand, what I want to expain :blush:

Hi friends,
My name is “Aarif”
After working more then 6 months, I know lots of things about fiverr. I really love my work that’s the reason I start fiverr.

So today I will share my 5 best tips to get order in a week. But you have to follow all the tips, then you will get order.

  1. TITLE:-

A. Use short title, but use popular keywords. Check atleast 5-6 best seller’s title and use popular keywords.

B. Add time in title, like-
“I will design banner in 3 hours”

Note:- if you are able to complete your work in that time, then add time otherwise leave it.

But if you add time then it’s more chance to get order. (Personal experience)

  1. GIG IMAGE:-
    first of all you have to make attractive and high quality gig image.

A. Check other seller’s gig image, and get some idea, What are they doing.

B. Add your own professional image in gig image.

C. Add big text and use only some important words. Like- “Catchy thumbnails”

D. Use bold and big font.

E. Always make different color’s image then other seller.

F. Remember your gig image must be looks perfect in both fiverr app and laptop or pc.

G. Always add your title in gig image, like-
Design best banner (don’t add I will)

    Description really helps to rank gig. (Personal experience)

A. Write your title in first line,
Like- "Welcome to Banner and logo Design GIG "

B. Don’t write I have lots of experience or something. Write what you provide unique for client.

C. Explain your packages, like-
Basic package:- 1 banner
Standard package- 1 banner and logo
Premium package- 1 banner, logo and thumbnail.

D. Add reason to choose you, like-
Top 3 reasons to hire me:-

  1. Unique, High Quality Design
  2. Unlimited Revisions
  3. 100% satisfaction

E. Add keywords,
I make thumbnail, so i write this to rank my gig.
" I design thumbnails for multiple niches like fitness, vlog, gaming, prank, funny "…
Then the buyer search vlog thumbnails or some other topic. Then my gig appears in first.

F. write most asked questions in FAQ or check other seller’s FAQ.

G. FAQ seo-
Write your keywords in FAQ like-

Q:- do you make catchy banner to?
A:- yes I also make catchy banner, please check my other gig.

  1. TAGS-

A. Check atleast 5-6 best seller’s tags and use popular tags.

B.use both big and small tags.

  1. VIDEO:-
    Add gig video, this will really help.

A. Be confident in video,

B. Write your text and try to speak front of the mirror.

C. Use good mic or you can also edit your voice. (Lots of free software available, search it)

D. Add light or use natural light.

E. Your background must be clean or you can also use curtain.

Thank you so much for reading my post, best of luck :blush:

 Now I need only one thing from you-
                   "PRAY FOR ME"

Prayers sent and wishing you all the best…


Good effort , thanks :clap:


Welcome sir :blush:
Have a nice day

Thank you so much :heart_eyes:
Have a nice day

What a line

“100% working”

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Thank you so much :blush:
Have a nice day

Thank you for mention.

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Welcome bro :blush:
Have a nice day…

Wow, thanks for sharing this nice tips and tricks to us

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Welcome bro😊
Have a nice day

One could debate the “secret” but many good tips, a lot more than 5 actually, too! And easy to understand as well.

Many of those tips certainly will help sellers, however, as a regular forum reader since 2+ years, I would not recommend absolutes like these:

With a gig statement like “Unlimited Revisions”, you open yourself wide up for abuse.
If you choose a realistic number of revisions instead, or detail a revision policy like you’ll revise any mistakes on your side and offer the buyer to buy a gig extra for revisions needed because of errors on their part or such, you have that in your back in case you need to put your foot down if a buyer is being insensible.
Also, while some kinds of buyers will jump at “unlimited revisions”, some kinds will think “why would I buy a gig when the seller thinks I might need unlimited revisions before they get it right”. It’s a very double-edged selling point.
Obviously, I’m not talking about mistakes on seller side here, if you made mistakes, sure, you should revise those, but as one can see from many forum posts, there are buyers who abuse the revision option and chances are support won’t help you if you offered unlimited revisions.

Same for “100% satisfaction”. You can’t guarantee anyone else’s 100% satisfaction anyway, logically, as the degree of satisfaction depends on the other person, not you. There are people who just never will be satisfied 100% with anything.

My personal opinion, of course, if it works for you, that’s great, just to present a different point of view. It’s definitely possible to get an order in a week without using those 2 “hooks” too. Of course, those are often-recommended tips but especially on a platform like this, you might find some fish on the hook that you didn’t really want. :wink:


You are right,
But I think, new seller must provide unlimited revisions. Because it’s hard to trust new seller.

Also I changed “secrets”
Thank you for the comment,
Have a nice day :blush:

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Nice tips.
I likes the comments by Miiila “You might find some fish on the hook that you didn’t really want”

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You are right :slightly_smiling_face:

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The latter is certainly true, though I still disagree with the former. People who think it will help them to gain trust maybe should keep in mind to perhaps delete it from their gig, once they got a nice number of trust-inspiring reviews, at least. :slight_smile:

Of course, everyone has their own thoughts regarding these things and can try it out to see what works best for them, you have listed some really nice tips anyway!

Thank you, I wish you a nice day too! :sun_with_face:


Thank you for your reply,
You are 100% right miiila,
I really learn lots of things from you :blush:
Thanks again!

Easier said than done. Once in a while I stumble upon sellers that add a video to their Gig, only to make things worse. I remember two of them in particular:

  • the first was confident, and even good looking, but he had a terrible pronunciation. It was hardly understandable.
  • the second looked terrified. A blank stare and not the slightest sign of a smile. Moreover it was evident that she was reading.

In both cases a voiceover (a talk off screen), could have been an alternative.


You are right.
But please check I already write “practice front of the mirror”
I also practice daily and Its improving.

Best experience you have gathered within a short time…

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