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5$ buyer requests

I don’t know I feel awkward and hate seeing buyer request with a 5$ amount and I don’t like sending offers to it I feel like I’m wasting my chance of sending offer to a more reasonable buyer request

Please help me should I be sending offers to a 5$ buyer request?

Hey, usually buyers select $5 option just to fill in the form. You should quote the price that is reasonable and that you are comfortable with either the mentioned budget is too low or high, no need to worry about it.

Never go for too less or too high, just quote the reasonable price. Never degrade the worth of your skill in front of a buyer.

Hope this answers your request.

You should send a buyer request with the price that you are comfortable with! If they want 50 logos (just an example) for $5, and you think that’s too little, DON’T leave a request saying that you’ll do it for $5 because if they order from you, you’ll have no choice but to make 50 logos for $5! I hope this helps!

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