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$5 buyers are the worst


I wanted to ask if any other sellers had a similar problem.

I frequently sell high priced (+$40) gigs and have great clients. I like these clients and enjoy working for them.

Despite this I still receive these toxic buyers who pay me $5, are almost always unsatisfied, refuse to acknowledge my upsells or more in depth services, and give negative reviews even if I offer their money back (meaning I worked for free just to get F’d)

A common excuse I hear is “I could have googled this”… as if they expect a refund because someone else in cyberspace MAY have offered that information for free. Well if you could have googled it why didn’t you? Think of any professional service, you can essentially deny a server payment if you claim you “”“could have”"" done it yourself. It’s insanity. Imagine telling a lawyer who saved you from prison time “I could have researched this myself”… you’d deserve to get your a$$ beat! Imagine telling a car mechanic “There’s youtube videos on how to do this”… you’d deserve a wrench to the teeth!

I don’t know how to deal with these types. It just seems like I’m losing out and have no control over it. I offer gigs to anyone and everyone because I have to. I wish these buyers would go to my competitors!

I offer refunds but I can’t deal with consistently working without pay. It’s highly unfair and unethical.

Should I raise my minimum prices? Should I become better at managing expectations?

My business is hurt by negative reviews… These buyers think they own me for the same price as a starbucks coffee. It’s FRUSTRATING. I DISLIKE these buyers very much and I don’t think I’m alone in this.

I feel as if fiverr is planning on demoting me to a level 1 seller and cutting my impressions. All because some loser with $5 thought I was going to change their life with 30 minutes of my time.

I already work for less than minimum wage here… I think I’m just going to quit.


Yes. I have. While I didn’t like doing it because most of the $5 buyers I’ve had were wonderful, as you said they often don’t respond to any questions or messages, or read the gig description, and it becomes more than a seller wants to deal with after a few years of seeing this pattern.

I haven’t had the problem with negative reviews you mention. Nor have I had them complain. For me, it is that they have not read the gig description and demand things that my gigs don’t offer, nor do they respond to questions.

I regret having to raise prices for this reason, but due to the new requirements I had to find a way to eliminate cancellations and have had to cancel $5 orders since they expect things that they have not paid for.


Perhaps consider the level of quality you are delivering. Sure, $5 is not a lot but it should still give people something more than a quick Google search would show up. Perhaps what you offer for $5 is not sellable.
When people pay for something they expect to get something useful for it. From your gigs, you are a strategist so you are not implementing services - the lawyer or mechanic are doing things on your behalf, not just telling you how to do it, which is what you do.

There are a lot of forum posts about how to deal with difficult clients, perhaps start with those. You could also try hiring a selling/customer service expert or Googling it :smiley:


The problem with $5 buyers is that not a single one approaches a $5 price as a bargain.

$5 buyers either:

  • Convince themselves that you live in a house made of leaves in the cheapest country in the world where you can go on a family vacation for $5
  • Assume that because you are offering a service at $5, it is actually worth that or less
  • Take it upon themselves to be critical wherever they can be in order to help you develop your career

Then you have the outright scammers.

Sadly, even $10 isn’t as good a deterrent for these types of buyers as it used to be. My current minimum on my bestselling gig is $15. Maybe experiment with that price point for a while and see what happens.


I understand what you are saying but from a buyers perspective (and this may not be the case in your instance) it is very frustrating that people offer $5 deals and $20 deals that promise “the world” in the listing then quote $200 for a job that almost matches their listing for a $20 deal.

What you say sounds right and people expect too much but sooo often people are promised too much in the listing to entice people in and it just set the deal off on the wrong foot from the start.

Honest pricing/listing from the start and then neither the seller or the buyer are misled.

The whole concept of the $5 deal is outdated now. As you say, for almost all work if you did it for a $5 deal then it would be below minimal wage.

Just my thoughts from the other side of the fence :slight_smile:


I always offer more extras once someone buys a gig of mine and not once has anyone ever complained about that. Most of the time, once they know why I am recommending an extra they understand and accept that. Initially a higher price causes them to skip over my gigs, and choose one of the $5 ones from other sellers who actually do nothing except waste their time.

So sellers are caught in this kind of situation, between a rock and a hard place, so to speak.


Recommendations are one thing and are great to receive but recently someone listed simple logo design $20.
That was about to be ordered, it was simple initials for the logo (simple stuff) and the job was quoted at $100 with no reason or upsell at all. The listing was simply inaccurate.

Perhaps you are right, a rock and a hard place but many people clearly “promise” more than they are prepared to EVER do for $20. This is just misleading and if it was an actual Ad. would be removed as misleading. I understand that you get $20 of work for $20 but sometimes that is all I want for a simple job but when people list $20 deals and then quote $100 this leads to FIVERR losing any credibility.

I have had some pleasurable experiences and some great people on here (I only buy services) but there are SOOO many negative ones that just waste both the seller and buyers time.


Genuinely, its interesting to see it from both sides though. Its a tough one. :slight_smile:


Are you saying they send a custom offer for $100 for the same exact thing they offered for $20?


Exactly. That is the issue.

There are people on here that say they will ‘code a mobile game app’ for $20. None of them genuinely believe they will do that. They will quote $200+.

That’s why I say misleading. I did look at your page and you clearly list what you do and list additional items (hope you didn’t mind) so that looks perfect to me. You know what you are getting or not getting from the start.


There a a chap (no names needed) on here that lists this for $5. This person doesn’t even offer more expensive ‘gigs’. Just a $5 listing.

It states “I will draw anything you want, just tell me your ideas and leave the
rest to me. I can design a logo, mascot, illustrations, custom

Buyer : So, great, I’ll have a logo please with the initials TTS.

Seller : That will be $50

Buyer : Your listing states you can design a logo for $5. That’s what I want. A simple $5 logo.

Seller : That will be $50

Just wastes my time.

And here ends my rant :slight_smile:


You think $40 is “high priced”? :grinning:


what? $40? kidding right? I haven’t even orders :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


It’s all relative. There was a time long ago when I would have considered a $40 order high priced.


One of the first goals you should have as a seller is to price yourself well out of reach of the $5 buyer. They are not all bad, but you find a much higher percentage of difficult buyers among them.


I faced this issue before, and I noticed these buyers are mainly from two specific countries! It is about a culture I guess, where they think $5 is too much and the want to squeeze you as they can. Most of them are re-sellers either here on fiverr using different account or somewhere else.

My solution for this (which I did), first I made $15 as the minimum price. Second, I don’t work with anyone from these two countries anymore, usually they contact you to make sure that you can do it for $5 lol

Don’t ask me bout these countries, just check your orders and you will know!


Give that man a cigar!


Believe you me man this is the case lol
They even send messages with the wish list they want for $5 without saying hi or hello, well they may say Dear or sir :stuck_out_tongue:


Usually “dear” lol! :sweat_smile:


Even if they could have googled it, they have to pay the person who does the work if they don’t want to do it themselves. Even if you googled it for them, they still have to pay for your valuable time.