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$5 Buyers Never Leave Feedback Why?

In Past 10 days.The $5 Buyer Place the order and after taking the delivery,They Never Leave feedback,Even they are not respond to massages Why ?

$5 Gigs Droping Down MY Ratings

It’s his/her wish. But you can ask for leave a review but don’t say like this " good review, best rating or 5* review like this kind of thing"

Its the buyer’s wish whether he wants to give you the review or not. You cannot force the buyers. Order amount doesn’t matter here.

If a buyer likes your work, he/she would definitely give you a good review. If your work is not liked by any buyer, he would either avoid giving you the review or just leave a bad review for your work.

You have 5 reviews in the last 72 hours:

I think 1 review a day is enough, even though it’s not from the $5 orders. I have 1 review in a week. My rated orders are 77%. And I am happy about that.

Here is one reason, for which $5 buyers may not leave a review:

You maybe think like that:
“It’s only a $5.00 amount and what I will receive is small, and I shouldn’t torture so much”

If you think so, now you know, that’s not true. Always do your best, no matter the amount they purchased from you. It’s true that detailed things are the BEST, but you should do your best on simple things too!

Hope that helps!

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That’s not true! I had 2 buyers waaaayyyyyy, waaaayyyyyy over $5 that didn’t left any review and not even through Inbox they said “Thank you” :cry: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I had LOT of such buyers! But it’s not sad, some may forget. Some may not like your work and may not want to write bad reviews and to decrease your rating.

:arrow_up: Correction, not LOW but LOT :arrow_up:

Yes, that’s true but, sadly, not in my case. They were really, really satisfied. I think some buyers just happen to be lazy :roll_eyes: :pensive:


LAZY, Yeah, maybe, how time will cost you write a several words review? Laziness…


Well I just thought of a nice word just to be polite :wink: