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$5 Credit Worthless


I earned $5 for purchasing a $20 gig. Great right? Nope. When the $1 processing fee is added the total becomes $6. That’s fine but my credit is not applied and I am being prompted to pay the entire $6 via another method. The minimum gig on Fiverr is $5 . . . So the $5 credit is worthless.

I would REALLY like to use my credit.

Moderator Note: When using credit to purchase gigs that are at or below the cost of the credit, there is no processing fee. Be sure to make purchases for services that do not exceed the amount of the credit.




Are you sure that you are being charged a processing fee?
When you have sufficient funds in your Fiverr balance there should not be a processing fee. I know I am not charged processing fees when I order with my Fiverr balance. Double check and if you are being charged for processing then check with customer support - include screenshots of the pricing.


eoinfinnegan, bro are yOU FOR REAL??? Of course there is an absurd 20%. This has nothing to do with fiverr credit. fiverr credit is money that belongs to the platform… all fees and already hidden in it. Read it here.

Processing fees are added at the time of purchase where a buyer can review and accept the total amount requested to pay. These fees cover payment processing and administrative fees. As of July 2016, the current fees assessed to the total purchase amount are $1 on purchases up to $20 and 5% on purchases above $20. When purchasing from your seller’s balance (i.e. out of your earned revenues) or buyer’s shopping balance (resulting from any credits or refunds) you will not be charged a processing fee. Funds returned to your balance from cancelled orders will not include processing fees paid.


Take a breath! I think you think my last response was to you, it wasn’t.
What the OP is referring to is credit they have in their account.
PS. In response to your initial comment, processing fees are not uncommon when buying online. Yes it is a pity but such is life.


IT is UNCOMMON when the site calls is self 5 FIVERR then SWITCHES to 5.50 and now 6! This sites definitely NEEDS a NEW name!..

No replying to you eoinfinnegan… just replying to general…


@joywriter you are not it a good mood now (basing on your previous topic), better relax a bit now… :slight_smile:

“Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Get logo design, marketing services, whiteboards and more, starting from only $5.

It mentions “starting from”, Right? :grin:

Btw, Why you say this in your profile description -
"Fiver community member for many years. Active Fiverr forum and community support. "


I have sent in a suggestion for a new name:
It’s catchy, right?

Edit: to be fair to Fiverr, there are not many things that are the same price as they were 5 years ago. Inflation causes prices to rise. A total of 20% on small transactions is hardly excessive though is it? Consider the costs involved. Perhaps you should look at placing larger orders where the processing fee is only 5%.


Hi taverr!

That was added years ago… Probably before you even knew FIVERR existed. Back then everything was just 5! It’s all changed now! Just because they added"starting from" doesn’t mean a thing! You are basing your response on Updates and not on the principal. Again, they can do whatever the heck they want, it’s their site, we’re all just replaceable commodities. Well not me… cuz I represent honest sellers that spend thousands on this platform and have had countless of times CRAP work delivered.


It was updated since November 2014. :neutral_face:


I don’t know, fees could be misread as frees, causing untold anguish for some people when they realize their error. In fact, some may even read it as, and I for one can completely see why. Whew, this domain name lark is a tricky business!

@joywriter, it’s pretty simple. Nobody’s making you purchase gigs here. If you’re unhappy with the way Fiverr has developed their business–and some of their recent changes have been unpopular for both sellers and buyers–then you can simply walk away. However, you’ll find that the fees are broadly the same across all the freelancing platforms (unscientific and untested opinion), so… you know. But keep the popcorn coming, plz!


Yes I am sure and for extra giggles the credit that was there clearly in my account is now GONE.


Glad you see the funny side of it. Go to and ask them to check it out for you.


I already did . . . And I know they are notoriously slow. Which is why I came to the forum in hope that someone might have thoughts to assist . . . And that was my NYC sarcasm.


yes… since 2014 and i’ve been here since way before that and the $1 fee update came on July 2016


Hi, I am new seller here. Let me join this forum, please. I think the fee was fair. Imagine how many files that we upload in the server. For a gig and an order. That does not include the cost for development to be getting better in the future. But this is just my opinion. So far I have no problem with the fee. I love it. And Fiverr is a great way to earn money from home. :slight_smile: