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5 day and Bank Withdrawal fund has not yet reached my local bank!

I don’t know if it’s usually this way when withdrawing via bank transfer.

I initiated the transaction on Fiverr on Sunday 18th but till now I’ve not receive my money. Anyone else who has ever experienced the same issue?


If you used the Payonner as a medium it will take not more than 1/2 minute (some time takes time if there is any problem)
Then then fund arrieved in payonner. If your payonner account isn’t verified the fund will be pending. After verify your payonner account the fund will be clear after that you will be able to withdraw your fund in your local bank (It will take 2/3 business days).


I submitted all the documents they need and my docs got verifired.

On my transaction history from Payoneer’s side they arw showing the transaction has been completed. But up to today, I’m not seeing that balance on my bank account.

I check all my bank details are correct l, I still don’t understand why I’ve not received my money. It was hard earned money.

What I can say is, this is my first and last time to used that withdrawal method. The worst first time experience I’ve ever had.

The Payoneer Customer Support are using automated message. What good will that bring?

I think it will be better if you contact with them again. There is one way that is Payonner community. There are some moderators and they are active. You can create a discussion and after that they will help you.

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The first time can take up to 14 days. After that, you can get your funds in few hours. Double-check your account numbers and information again.

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I’ve confirmed my bank details and they are correct. Plus I’ve also confirmed with my bank. It’s Payoneer.

My account number is correct. I hope I will get my money. Now I don’t if it takes 14 days because this is the last time I’m using the method.

Yes I faced the same issue. You should contact support and tell them what’s wrong. I’m sure they’ll reply and fix your situation :smiley:

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What did you tell them. And how long did the transaction take for you?

Did your first time take that long?

The thing that is giving me frustration is that, it takes 2 days to hear back from Payoneer CS. And then they give you an automated response 2×.:triumph:

You should’ve used PayPal. You get your money instantly, and then the choice is yours whether to transfer to your bank.