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5 days gone but i still did not get second order

5 days gone but i still did not get second order.please anyone help me how can i get many order

You can start by being patient. You are not likely to get “many order” anytime soon. The reason for this is that you need to build up your success. You can’t just jump in and expect to be wealthy and busy with orders. It takes time to build success. And it will take time for you as well.

Focus on how you can reach out to your target customers, and then deliver fantastic work worthy of positive reviews. And keep in mind too, you’re not going to have orders every day. You might not even have orders every five days. Heck, it could be months before you have any sort of steady stream of orders.

Your gigs are a business. Take your time, be patient, and build a brand that people recognize and trust. Success is going to take a LOT longer than five days.


Hello Friend,

What do you mean by Five Days? Are these the very First 5 Days of your career on Fiverr?
If that is so, you are awesome in getting your First Order already!

Keep trying for the next one. :boom: Hit the Buyer’s Request Page.
All the best!

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thank you sir for your great advice

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thank you for great suggestion

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thank you sir for your valuable comment