5 Dollars are just 5 Dollars


Hello there,

I hope you’re having an amazing day today, my name is Jose Lozano and I’m one of those awesome people online that offer awesome services for awesome $5 dollars, just like many of my peers here on Fiverr.

Fiverr has been a great place to me, I think this is a terrific idea because we now can get premium quality services at $5 dollars that somewhere else you could get at hundreds or even thousands. This really is the Gig Economy, and I applaud Fiverr for that.

One of the things that I’ve been noticing lately is that some people tend to think that when they pay $5 dollars they also purchase the person, and that is not the case. Most people here on Fiverr are true experts in what we do, and we can deliver exceptional work to you if you simply are polite and kind.

I can’t tell you how many times I receive comments from people demanding me to do something that I never advertised, and even threatening with cancelling the orders or leaving bad feedback if I don’t do as they say.

I will speak only for me here, even though I feel I could be speaking for many others: I’m a seller here at Fiverr simply because I love what I do, and I like the fact that I can make money out of it, but this is not a statement that you can condition my service here on Fiverr.

I’ll keep doing what I do simply because that is who I am, and that is something that nobody, except myself, can change.

I’m here to serve you, not to become your enemy; I’m here to help you, not to work against you; I’m here to facilitate your success, not to be an obstacle for it.

Please, friend me on Fiverr, I’m very interested in helping you. I can do it, but I can only help you in the way I know that works, be sure that I’ll be very helpful, if you but let me :smiley:

Thank you very much!

Have a Blessed and Amazing Day!




You are so right :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!


Well stated. :slight_smile:


True words.

Some people think they own you until they’re satisfied or something… luckily many buyers are kind and friendly so it’s a pleasure to work with them :slight_smile:


There is a WHOLE craft to what you are saying… negotiations!


My name is Jose too! Herminos! yay!


yes …agree with you …


Hi Jose! Fiverr has been good. I am avg. $34-50 a week in sales. Most of the business comes on Thursday/Friday, which works well for me. Out of all of the buyers, most do my add ons as they are so pleased with my work. 9/10 buyers are awesome and fun to work with. You always get that 1 guy though that wants to message you a million times and at a certain point you have to just say this guy is wasting my time as he only wants to spend $5 anyway and wants all the info upfront in msg. I think we all have had that guy. So for me, it is totally worth it. It pays for the dog/cat food. That is $34-50 that I can spend on Grubhub!


Reply to @tloislane007: I spent my first week on Fiverr and made 20$. I would love to earn 34-50$ each week, because you can live in Ukraine for 200$. So, it depends where you are right now. That is why I like it so much. It’s a real escape for people from the Third World countries. But some people earn 2-3-4 times more on this website each month. I hope I would be one of them.


‘I can’t tell you how many times I receive comments from people demanding me to do something that I never advertised, and even threatening with cancelling the orders or leaving bad feedback if I don’t do as they say.’ - What a relief! Especially when they want everything immediately. You do it for them, skip your sleep and in the end receive no gratitude, no reviews, no money.


Hi Jose!

You are so damn right! I love the idea of the web site but those people are seriously making me sad! I just started here and I already had a really bad experience with 2 of all 3 buyers that I have had :frowning: I made a huge discount for them! I charged them only 5$ for a service that is at least 30$, simply because I’m new, because I need some nice feedback here to get started and because they said it’s a long term job! I did it extremely fast (in only few hours), without even asking to order the gig extra! And guess what happen? It was all lie and they didn’t even say a word for my work! So all I can say is DO NOT TRUST everyone! Not all of the buyers here are kind and most of them really believe with purchasing your service they will buy you and all of your time for only 5$!


Reply to @ellydru1: I experienced the same situation yesterday. Good luck to us! Not all buyers are like this.


Reply to @ellydru1: I even didn’t go to sleep to finish the order extra fast. I delivered it within an hour. Then after 2 days I got my order cancelled. But perhaps was left with 4$. Instead of 12$.


Reply to @volodymyrpro7:

yeah! That sucks! Forget about all these motherf@#$rs and move forward! Thats all we can do! Good luck!


Yeah unfortunately due to people’s human nature they will try to get something from you. Many people, luckily not all will think that they are entitled to your time. But really what can somebody ask for only 5 dollars, you should not have to spend hours for just 5 dollars. It is very good that there are kind sellers on this website. It relies on community and the attitude of the buyers could make or break it.