$5 Fiverr credit can't be found


I have received an email saying you earned $5 fiverr credit enjoy, but i can not find it anywhere on my account, it did not say it is time sensitive to be used by certain date.


When did you get this email?

It generally takes about 2 to 4 hours to show up on your profile.

Go to your username, buying, payments. You current shopping balance should be $5. If not, then wait 24 hours from the email, if still nothing, then get a hold of customer support and attach the email you got from them.

** IMPORTANT: You can only buy $5 gig with it.

If you buy anything higher than $5, your credit card will be charged for the whole amount. In other words, a $10 gig will cost you $10 + $1 processing fee.

A $5 gig will cost you $5 with no processing fee. **


Hello Gina;

Today I just get 5$. Could u explain me for why Fiverr gave me this?


Hello @fhinvention,

If you want to call me or get my attention, you must use @ like I did for you; otherwise, there is good chance I would have never seen this. It was pure luck that I was scanning the forum.

You could have gotten $5 from 5r for one of two things:

  • You referred a friend, who bought $20 worth of gigs

  • 5r does a promotional where if you spend $20, you get a one time $5 credit as a bonus.

Remember, as I stated above, you can only spend it on a $5 purchase. Good news is no transaction fee. :blush:


@gina_riley2 Oww. Sorry for @ . It’s good luck for me that you’ve seen my message :slight_smile: . I spend 25$ maybe that’s the casue fiverr gave me that bonus. Thanks for your clearifacation.


Hello I am new to Fiverr. How do i use my $5 fiverr credit toward my order. can you help me out and guide me thru?


It’s an automated process with no coupon involved. If you’ve earned a $5 discount it’ll be applied toward your next purchase. For further information feel free to contact support.


If you have a $5 credit, you can make a $5 purchase.

If you buy anything over $5, you will have to pay for your entire purchase via credit or PayPal. The credit will not be applied.