$5 gig....$5000 service


There is an old saying that goes like this…“You get what you pay for”. Take a moment and throw that saying out of the window. The service you give on Fiverr should never be dependent on the price of the gig. Give the same care and attention to each gig just as you would if it was a $5000 project. The quality of service you give makes you stand out in your field of expertise. Always remember there are many people who can do exactly what you do and are offering the same gig to the buyers. Your $5000 service will keep customers coming back for more of your $5 gig!

Happy gigging!


Agree :slight_smile:


You are correct, good advice…Guy


Reply to @bachas85: Thanks bachas85! Nothing beats great service … it always leads to repeat business and referrals!


Reply to @caliente: Thanks Guy!


Ha so true. I catch myself thinking many times about how much time / work I’ve put into a gig for someone and laugh when I think of what my hourly pay would be. sigh… but I continue to do the best job I can.


i just started to get some orders in for my gigs normally i waited weeks for 1 order but now get 1-2 every 3days so i always try and give more than what my customers pay for to make them happy


Very true, I sell my gigs for $5 ($4) and average price online for that quality is around $15-$20 but that is the reason I have nice amount of orders and people coming back and no negative feedbacks :slight_smile: Nobody will give negative feedback when they expect a job for $5 and get much more than expected :slight_smile:


Reply to @newopp: That’s the right attitude newopp! Sometimes the satisfaction of a job well done is greater than the money. This will ALWAYS lead to greater things!


Reply to @m2webs: Exactly! Great service made you a Level 2, so with well placed extras you can make more than the average per order!


Reply to @skhan786: I noticed that same kind of cycling as well. I like it though…gives me room to breathe!


I think the sure way to kill you fiverr dreams is to say “they’re only paying $5, it’s good enough.” Every GIG we do is 110% and we base the value off of our integrity!


I always give my best to every project. Quality is definitely important to me. That’s the way to retain repeat clients. Every business depends on regulars. Fiverr gigs being no exception.