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$5 gig - buyer being difficult

I was requested to do a gig -buyer had asked for a custom order so I agreed.
It was my 2nd gig ever. My gig states revisions are for $5 .

Buyer requested I do a professional style voice over. I did multiple takes of each line to ensure the buyer had Enough to choose from. I went way above what was required.
The buyer disputed after waiting almost 2 days and said that I Need to do a Conversational style and a robotic voice… this was not in the original terms. The script is a “security system “ style script.

I told the buy I would
Be happy to do another voice over but he would need to order another gig. Buyer would
Not and insisted I provide him first with the new recording. Ive requested to cancel
the order.

Should I escalate this?

Will canceling this gig hurt my ranking ?

Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

Best wishes ,



It’ll affect your completion rate if you decide to go through with the cancellation. If it’s your second order out of two, your completion rate will drop to 50%. But, the good news is the more orders you get the quicker you get back to 100% and it’s not like you’ll get demoted from Level 0.

You may try to contact CS, explain the situation and ask them to cancel the order without affecting you (which they claim they can’t do but actually, occasionally they can). There are no guarantees but it may work especially considering that you’ve just started. But you’ll need to remove your cancellation request first.


Thanks - I’ll just see if he accepts the cancellation - if not I’ll go that route. It’s ridiculous… $5 and this buyer wants the world .

I did try to explain to CS my situation. Fortunately, they were able to cancel the order. unfortunately, I still have to deal with the negative repercussions. It’s ok, I understand and respect the TOS. Thanks, again, for
Your advice. I wish you the best!


It takes time, i am having dificulties like you do, just from that kind of people. Some of them wants to more for 5 usd. Even i do professionaly video editing years. And its my daily work out there in irl.

Next time never accept or send a cancellation request.

It’s all about communication. You had to explain to your client that he signed and ticked the box that all requirements are correct and he understand that all other changes might be an extra charge and that you delivered everything according to your gig description (and state what’s included in your gig) after that day that you are happy to work on his revisions however it will be extra as this is new requirements and revisions are not included in your gig. That’s it.

But that’s just for the future.

TOS also says that buyers are not eligible to ask for a refund based on the quality of work or satisfaction

Good to know. I was also concerned with a negative review. I felt like I was in between a rock and a hard place. Thanks for all of your responses !