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5$ gig took too much time

So I sold my first gig the other day… The client was super satisfied and gave me 5 stars, but the problem is that I spent almost a day doing it + conversation with the buyer. So I basically earned nothing significant for hour. I really need these first gigs cheap cause I’m a new seller and I need to have quick customers to earn a reputation, but I feel a little bit bad about working so much for that little. What are your thoughts guys?

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Hi, First of all congrats… for getting 5 stars :grinning:… and if you ask me then it worth a lot!! because i remember i spent around 3 days for just $5 on my first order!! Yup, that’s true…

To be honest i didn’t feel bad at all in fact i was very happy that i had completed my first order… and the second order at the same price and spent 2 days… and my client was really very happy that i was paying attention to his work and not thinking about how much time it takes… :slight_smile:


alba715, I understand how you feel. I am also fairly new, with a few finished orders. Because I overthink things, t takes me too long too. Stay optimistic and keep improving your skills.
Best wishes your way.

Listen to @kaursurvin64 and her positive attitude. I see she is now a level 2 seller.

When you move up the levels you can increase your prices. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, and exactly that’s true… that when we go on higher level then of course we gonna increase the prices but make sure to give your best doesn’t matter how much that gig is for…

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Thanks for your tips guys


First of all many congrats on making your first sale. I cant explain to you my feelings when I made my first sale here on Fiverr. It was a moment of true bliss.
I agree that you have to work for less in the start but that doesnt mean that you cant upsell once you have started getting permanent sales. I charged very less in the start (for like first 20 orders) but then I came to know about the gig extras and other techniques like offering on some specific requests in Buyer Request section.
I would recommend that if you want to make some real bucks then price you services in such a way that they buy your extras and make offers on those requests which have a higher budget (but write a catchy proposal to get the job as you dont have many reviews).
I hope it will help.
Happy Earnings.!!!


Hello, this is normal for your first year in my opinion. I felt as if I was simply working for some good reviews in my first years to build up a good reputation. At some point you will be able to charge more.


I just finished my first git for $10 and feel the exact same way. I knew from before sending an offer that this buyer was totally clueless and should have gone with my gut instinct and declined. I was just happy to get my first buyer and went through with it. Huge mistake. I took 5 hours (basically all day if you factor in how long it took the buyer to agree on anything) to complete the task. The buyer constantly changed his requirements and kept asking me to answer questions and make judgements that weren’t a part of the original deal. Thankfully I have one other buyer who had his requirements and instructions organized nicely, but the rest has been spam or scams. I’m hoping this is just a bump in the road and will get better.

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Congrats on getting 2 orders.

Your account is fresh (2 or 3 days old), and you got your first 2 orders completed (does not matter how many hours you spent) and you feel sad?
Doing large jobs for few $ is normal as a start, I bet that most fresh sellers spent hours or days on their first few orders (I did). This is actually part of being successful. Then when you have strong gig or strong profile you can up your prices and feel more confident about it.

Good luck.

Hi, congrats for the first 5 star review. It really feels great.

Keep up the good work, work hard, build reputation and grow your profile. Good luck.