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$5 gigs are just placeholders for people asking $30-$50

Hi team, I am very disappointed with the fiverr team of late. The website is called fiverr, but quite a few sellers have realized that they can post $5 gigs with no intention of honouring them.

Instead, they will message you and tell you they cannot do it for less than $30 or $50.
The website is called fiverr. If i want to spend $30 or $50, I can find someone in the States.

Does anyone else have this issue? How have you dealt with this? I have screenshots if neeed.

Kind regards,


Hi @lavos4life,
I really feel bad to hear this, you can either report them with screenshots of the chat you have or you can simply contact to customer support for that.

It’s absolutely wrong. If the seller want to make a it for 30-50$ then he should place 30-50$ instead of 5$.

That happened to me a LOT of times. I think the better thing to do to avoid this is to be very specific on the request and also to make it clear that if someone was offering $5 for the kind of requested services that’s what you will pay.

That is possible if there is concrete proof that what OP tries to purchase falls strictly under the $5 price tag in the seller’s gig description. Same difficulty, no extras, same amount of work, etc., etc.

I had turned out a project once (not a good match for the style I work in) and the person said: “That’s too bad, the other seller I selected wants $450 for the job”. I’ve seen that job description and there was absolutely nothing in it to justify that price tag for 40 minutes I’d took. I was kind of impressed with the hustle, not going to lie.


Hi @iparshantrajput, thanks so much for the reply. Do you have any idea about the best way to contact support to report these guys?


Make sure to check the gig description and the individual packages carefully to ensure what is offered for $5 is actually what you are asking for. When what you are asking for doesn’t exactly match what is offered at $5 there is no reason to report them.


No, you can’t! And since when ‘the States’ became the benchmark for quality anyway? Probably a sore spot of mine, but I have people saying that I shouldn’t charge as much since I was located in Thailand and a dollar goes a long way there. Quality has a price and that’s not attached to location…at least not in an international market

Fiverr has changed quite a bit, and the fiverr portion no longer means anything for $5, but rather starting from $5.

If I don’t think they’re being fair with their price policies or if I’m not willing to pay their price then I’d just look for a different seller. I may ask why the price is different but I’d never call them out as I find extremely rude of me to try to put a price tag on someone else’s time.

I once had someone get my basic $5 gig which is for a small change and asked me to design an entire landing page for their business. Would it be fair for me to be reported then?

So if you can remove any names and/or personal identification from the screenshots I’d actually like to have a look at it.



If someone is offering for $5 and that’s what you’re willing to pay why not just hire said person then?

I cannot go into a restaurant and tell them I’ll only pay a certain amount because a different restaurant offers for that price.

If you have a fixed budget just make it clear on your first contact and let the seller decide on whether or not to take up on your project, but you can’t dictate how much their work is worth…that’s just not how it works, or at least is shouldn’t.


Well it happened to me that I received an offer for $5 and when I purchase from it the order isn’t $5 anymore for some reason.
Actually your example is not quite right because this is not a restaurant, but let’s keep that kind of thinking.
Let’s say you go to a restaurant and you say “I have only $5”, what can I eat?" and they offer you a $5 menu but when the bill comes is not $5… doesn’t seem unfair?
Well, I have received A LOT of offers like that when the $5 is just a way to contact.

I’m definitely following this. Many many sellers here have had bad experiences with buyers trying to undercut the value of certain gigs/tasks/extras. Or indeed not even reading the gig to see what is included.

Personally I charge for doing research. Why?
Because it might only take one hour to physically complete your project but that wouldn’t be possible without the two/three hours of research. That is time I am dedicating to your project.

Maybe before blasting someone have a full read through the gig description and see if what you’re asking for is fully within their gig description for $5 or if what you’re asking for is listed as extras.

Maybe politely ask the seller for a breakdown of why they are charging what they are?


It’s quite a big leap from


On the first you’re demanding a specific price because allegedly you can get that price elsewhere, while on the latter you’re simple asking what you can get for what you have, which is exactly what I suggested

You can submit a ticket to them here:

Bait-and-switch isn’t allowed.

However, make sure that it is bait-and-switch, as in, what you’re asking for is exactly what they’re offering for $5 (the same scope of work that’s offered for $5, not for a more expensive package, the same amount of revisions that’s offered for $5 (if any revisions are offered), to be delivered within the same amount of time that they offer in their $5 package, not faster…). In other words, make sure that you’re not asking for work that is covered by their more expensive packages, that you’re not asking for more revisions than they offer, and that you’re not asking for faster delivery without paying for it.

Keep in mind that discrimination (including discrimination based on someone’s region) isn’t allowed on Fiverr.

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I’m a lyric writer and when I first started I had a $5 gig for 4 bars of writing, which is usually used as a chorus or to help get started with a verse.

My $20 package was for a full 16 bar verse. I had a couple people order my $5 gig and expect a full verse. I even had a couple people order my $20 gig and expect a full song.

I guess sometimes the package description get lost in translation when it comes to specific gig-related language a buyer may not be familiar with.

(didnt mean to @ anyone on my previous post)


I often send people who are making serious inquiries a custom offer which includes some extras. If they don’t read the offer they don’t realize that the price is higher due to having some extras in it.

They can always simply purchase the basic gig if they want to. I’m ok with that.

Is it possible that’s what is happening?

If a service is of $5 and you may be asking something more than you may have to purchase extra

it’s not that you get made a fledge social site for $5 just because it’s fiverr
hope you get me

Hi @lenasemenkova,
I think you should work with the seller that understand your project not stalk your money!

Find the seller that has passion of work!

I agree, it’s also bad for newcomers like me that genuinely do stuff worth maybe even 50$ for 5$ just to get reviews & experience. People that do this should be banned.